New Car Part 2

So I finally have the car!  Was a long process as the place was kind of far and it was a tiring day. Actually the whole ordeal has been tiring as to buy the car I am taking a line of credit to purchase it.  So to organize that was also time consuming. But now that it is all set and done it is in the driveway. It feel’s good to have it. Kinda like a dream accomplishment.

The car itself drives pretty good. I find I can adjust better to speeds however I find the breaking is less responsive to modern day cars. While it could be a car issue, everything checked out inspection wise so I think it is just more a habit of how this particular car handles. I know when driving it, you are in a birthing position as in more leaning back.

The most issues are cosmetic on the inside. Pretty much want to replace it all as it shows the age in not too kind of a light. I have a new dash coming in since the guy ordered one and part of the purchasing from him was that I get it when the order comes in. So there is that. However a lot of the accessories, etc need updating. Having found some online suppliers I can find just about anything for relatively cheap. I think the more expensive parts are seats, panels and anything with material.  I did go ahead and purchased a full weatherstrip kit with t-top option since I have the t-top. I found some of the weatherstripping quite rough in some parts and considering I want to protect my investment this was a must. There are no leaks but I could see one happening soon by the looks of some areas.  So I have that kit coming in from Texas….yes Texas. Was one of those suppliers that had the t-top kit.

Also I bought a security system from best buy. It basically detects if the door, hood or trunk is played with. Will beep a bit to warn if someone bumps the car and then go nuts when someone attempts anything evil like. If I am within 5000ft I have an LCD keychain that notifies me what is being done to it and of course warning me period that evil doers are about.  If there is one thing I know from the car is that it’s easy to access everything..from the outside lol Like popping the hood…oh yeah. I pretty much have an invitation for everyone to open her up. So the idea of leaving the car in a parking lot is kinda scary. So better to have protection. Also plan on putting out for the anti-starter.

So the engine is a V8, 175hp. While the guy had it listed as Berlinetta on the website I discovered it’s a Z28 due to logos  within the car. Either way…COOL!

I think it will be a fun project overall and a good base to work off of.  Here are some more pics.

V8 Engine



2 thoughts on “New Car Part 2”

  1. It has the same horsepower as my Cobalt! Are you going to modify it so you get more out of the engine? Get like an LT-1 if you can find/afford one and then you can blow the doors off people.

  2. I don’t think engine wise I will do anything. It’s loud enough for my tastes and garners enough attention in Ile Perrot lol For me it’s mostly all the cosmetic changes.

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