New Car

Well I finally got’s me a new car. My first car actually. I had a visit over the weekend for a Camaro 1981 Berlinetta edition. What does that mean? Not much LOL Just means the front seats are leather and power windows! I know, cutting edge tech right? I came across this by chance while scoping out a garage for the firebird I was looking to get. The price seemed odd considering it had a lot of things done to it. So I was a tad skeptical considering the last Camaro I visited looked like a war survivor.

After visiting and taking it for a test drive, all was perfect. It’s pretty cool cause the engine is newly restored from a Z28 model, the paint redone, new tires, new mags, new interior carpet, new shocks, new exhaust. There will be a new dash. Pretty much the couple was selling because they were not expecting to buy a house. So pretty much they are selling it to make ends meat. Kind of sad  but it works out for me in the end as I almost get a totally redone 81 Camaro. I am sure they could have sold higher but I think they were just desperate for a quick sell. Anyways, here are some pics of the car from the owners lot. BTW I just need to finish the financial transaction and were gold. Also Neil I may be calling you since I do not have the full license yet and would need a partner to sit with me. Will keep you posted.

Camaro Front

Camaro Side

Camaro Interior

The Engine

4 thoughts on “New Car”

  1. man, I’m taking you when I go car shopping. I’d never find a good deal on my own. Looks like a sweet ride. And yeah, give me a call whenever. I’m off work this Friday and all next week.

    I hope I can swing buying a car by July. Would be nice to have some wheels again.

  2. Yeah found the car for $4900 which was a surprise. Just let me know how much and what kinda car you wants and I can keep my eyes peeled. I have a good knack for spending money LOL

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