Hey everyone, hope all is well. How are thing?

Things have been quite busy on this end. Son is still sick though slowly coming around. I have been sick too. Nothing horrible. Just a cough that just won’t leave. It’s a very stubborn virus that’s for sure.

Had phone training and phone call recording training this week which was long. Very long. Call recording was easy, very users friendly however our Toronto phone system uses what is called Option 11. It’s almost like dos but filled with gibberish. Our MTL phone system is all graphical when configuring.

Been looking for a car as people may know. I lucked out on that Camaro as it looked like a tiger made a home on the inside and the photo’s were representative of the car when it actually looked good not it’s current decrepid state lol

So that sucked. But I went to visit a Firebird TRANS AM last night. Was quite nice. Not perfect mind you but what do you expect for a used car from 1980. I am trying to arrange for an inspection but will see how it all turns out. I was pleased with the overall state of it. It was missing a mat in the trunk. He opened it and was like ‘oh! I see the body!’ Looking online I found places to order new carpers and trunk mats, etc. Cost is around $45 so no big deal. Interior otherwise was surprisingly impeccable for it’s age as it’s all original. Paint is what would be needed most. Nothing horrible. Just not sure I want it to be the gold color that it is. Just that the logo on the hood is original and would hate to paint over it and slap a decal that would match the color I would change the car to.

Warhammer wise I put another coat of white on my throne of judgement. It’s slowly coming along. White is such an evil paint to use. But once done the details all go fast enough.

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  1. Not a ton is new. Had a second date with a girl I met online. We went and saw Wolverine. It was pretty good. A bit cheesy, and probably not one to buy, but it was better than X3 by far, and was entertaining enough. I wasn’t a fan of what they did with Deadpool, but that’s a minor criticism in the grand scheme of things.

    All in all, we had a fun evening. We should be seeing each other again soon, which I’m happy about. Woot!

    In other news, I’m almost done reading Trail of Cthulhu, so I’ll be ready to start a side game for anyone who wants to give it a shot. I just need to work out all the nitty gritty details about the idea that I have and cover all the bases and clues. Should be a lot of fun.

    In Warhammer news, I haven’t been doing much. I may paint later tonight or during the weekend. Last time I broke out the troops for some painting, I only put the base colour on 3 marines, so the process is slow. I need my burst of determination like I had when I first painted up my marines last year and do like 16-hour painting shifts. 😉

  2. Things are busy on my end as well, lots of wedding stuff, birthday stuff (mine and Deb’s since hers is tomorrow), and mother’s day stuff. Used some of the gift cards and cash I got for my birthday from family and ended up getting really lucky and finding Shadow of the Colossus at Wal Mart buried at the bottom of the bargain bin for $20. Didn’t even hesitate on buying that, played it a bit last night, and I love it.

    Also been making progress on my Warhammer figures, I’ve stripped the paint from all of my old ones, not perfect, but enough that it shouldn’t obscure any details when I prime them. Have to glue a foot back on one of my rangers, though as I accidentally bent it off while scrubbing the paint from him. All my other figures are fully assembled and ready to prime, except, again, the Wave serpent as I need to prime and paint the cockpit before I can glue the whole thing together and prime it. And lastly, I did a test prime on my 3 Pheonix Lords last night, the Chaos Black spray from GW is great, and really easy to use.

  3. Sorry to hear that, man. If she can just dump someone via e-mail then she is definitely not someone worth pursuing. That’s cold.

    Not gonna write a long blog on how things have been lately, right now. Too summarize however, lots of stress and my life tends to be more poop then anything else. Got a lot of apps for my phone though, muahahaha!

    Will write more tomorrow.

  4. Since you asked. I have found out that It’s about 95% guaranteed that I will be posted to Halifax aboard HMCS Fredericton. I am also seriously considering putting my name in for one of the Submarines, so much so that I have said “PO, I want to go subs.” We’ll see. I am looking forward to that, the only downfall is that I will be leaving Chris behind, that and he won’t be back by the time I leave. But if anybody comes down to visit NS you can stay at the eventual place I will have. I will be seeing everyone in June if I can still make it. I am going to put my leave in next week I think and that way its done.
    Sorry to hear about that girl you were seeing Curt, definatly a low blow to do it over the Email, and I agree with Neil.
    Warhammer wise I looked at a website about it. Not sure what I want to do yet, I have to head down to a store to take a look. Thats about it for me. Carl hope you and Lucas are feeling better soon.

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