What a week…

Hey boys,

So like the title says, what a week…

As usual for a vacation i take, no part of it has been easy. Starting with the actually getting one part. I had had this vacation postponed last minute by management not once, but twice. I then only got this vacation grudgingly, as one of my managers was doing everything in her power to cancel it again…anyways i digress.

So finally i got my vacation, and yet it really was not a vacation. A vacation too me is a time to relax with no worries, and no hassles. I wish I could actually get that too happen. Between more class projects, financial woes, going for a mortgage pre-approval, dropping my mom off at rehab today…and the usual stresses of daily life, this has been one crazy vacation and I am beat. So it makes sense I go back to work tomorrow stressed out and as annoyed as when I went on vacation…lucky me.

Seems every plan I have in life gets overshadowed by everyone elses, like mine just don’t matter to anyone. Yeah, maybe i am being a little pessimistic and maybe a touch dramatic. But dammit, i don’t give a crap. I just want school over, work to go f%$k it’s self, people too let me do the things i would like to do for a change, and for the same people to stop assuming I am an idiot and always wrong about everything. I am not asking for the world here… well maybe i am, gosh. I mean come on, i bend over backwards to make people as happy as i possibly can. Then they just seem to turn around and ask for more, or don’t appreciate what i do do (lol, i used do do…doodoo…). Kinda sick of it. I am just exhausted…

Rant off…

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  1. It’s good to vent and to talk about things. Invariably, I find it helps me feel better about everything and to put things in perspective.

    In your particular case, just remember that the job is temporary while you finish the school to get the job you’d like. This isn’t forever.

    Dropping your mom off at rehab is a tough thing to do that I couldn’t ever imagine. But what I do know is that it was a long time coming, and is really the best thing for everyone involved. It’s really tough, but it’s better this way, and ultimately it’s a loving thing to do.

    It sounds like you need to have some fun! I’ll be online as often as possible, and if I’m not, text me on my phone. We’ll play some games, and especially some D&D. As a group of friends we’re most importantly a support system for each other. I know I can rely on you guys, and you can rely on me.

  2. Yeah I have kinda been in somewhat similar a mode as well. At work pretty much my new supervisor who came in a few months ago has some vendetta against me. You can tell he is trying to find something on me but when statistically I close 50% and more of all monthly tickets he has a hard time. So it’s nitpicking wherever he can. Last week I was told I don’t socialize enough. And not by way of just random chit chat. I apparently should be wasting hours talking to management about..stuff. Yup trying to figure that one out. I apparently should be more proactive at not doing my job. I’ve had a few words with him already on the nitpicking and yeah we do not see eye to eye. I am all for constructive view points on improvement however some stuff is just plain silly.

    Another example was that I got a call in the morning. I resolved the issue within 5 minutes. Shortly after the glitch happened again and support was called however somebody picked up the call. Apparently I did not do enough in the best of my abilities to resolve the situation. Now mind you this is an issue that was tested functional with confirmation from user that it was working. But still the boss tells me that I am in the wrong. I think management is inherently retarded. Or at least certain people within it. So I am potentially looking elsewhere since it’s just week after week. When something goes wrong then I am the one they call. So yeah go figure.

    On the other side I have my drivers test today. Kinda nervous about it. I probably shouldn’t be and usually the reverse parking and parrallel they do not always ask for at all. I am not bad reversing. Parallel a little more trouble but still passable. My parents have not been much motivation in this regards. They have pretty much spent a month since I bought the camaro telling me that I will fail, the car is shit and just all around running me down. Like I went in buying the camaro knowing it was a fixer upper. It was low price for a reason. I bought weatherstripping, security system and now a new gas tank as I noticed a very small leak if you fill it. But yeah every little thing you do they run the decision down and how stupid I am. Also they cannot believe I can drive. Like seriously. They do not believe it or refuse to. Like I needed a lift with Marie to drive my Camaro to my parents since my brother will take it to his mechanics shop. Literally when they knew I would drive they suddenly have colds and can no longer go. Then they give some lame ass story to my brother on their “sickness”. But it’s just horribly obvious they don’t want to be in the car if I drive. Which pisses Marie off since she can vouch I have driven for a year as a learner. So it’s very frustrating in that regard. My brother has been in the middle ground. At first happy, then jealous of the fact I could by a car, then he was ok again and helpful. So all around it has put a lot of stress on me and has lowered my self esteem quite a bit.

    I know in reality that not everyone passes their first exam. Thats just the way it is right. But still a little encouragement goes a long way sometimes ya know. But luckily all of you and Marie have been very supportive so thats kind of been my saving grace and keeping me sane.

    Also there has been a lot of back and forth between banks, SAAQ, parents, doctors office, etc. Lucas had to go to the clinic, I had my cold, got food poising as well, etc. So it all adds up so totally understand ya Neil lol

    But if you want to hang out just me and you or even come over with Angie sometimes, let me know. We should plan for water slides this summer to. Maybe around Canada day we can all go to Canada’s Wonderland. I know weather providing I would love to drive down with the t-tops off in the warm summer. Wahoo!!

  3. Canada’s Wonderland sounds like a good idea. You guys are always welcome (of course). I was telling my Dad about the Camaro and he thought it was cool. His only recommendation is to get it inspected (like, professionally) before you drive it any long distances to avoid any major surprises.

  4. thanks guys. I definitely need to get my game on and hang out more. One more project too finish for school, then I will have lots of free time again. I desperately want to get the rest of my troops together for warhammer. Can’t wait to play a real battle. I could definitely use more game therapy though.

    It’s been a rough time. Was harder leaving my mom at rehab then I thought it would be. But we heard from her already and all seems ok. She seems to be very happy to be there. Which is a good sign.

    Sounds like we have the same kind of work issues Carl. I think to be management being retarded is a requirement. Maybe we can hang out this weekend. I think I am free Saturday night, if your free let me know. Otherwise we can plan something for next week maybe. I’m sure you’ll do fine on your drivers test. Can’t wait to check out your new ride.

    Bonus is Angie and I are both fed up with Quebec. We are gonna pass on buying my moms place and see about moving out to the TO area earlier then we were planning. Hence the ore approval business. It was originally to see about buying my moms place, but due to family retardation we are going to use the ore approval to get ideas for our buying power for the move.

    I know we say this a lot, but I really want to try and focus more on hanging out and stuff. Seems life always kind of interferes with that, but I think it’s time we made life work for us instead of against us. Anyways, I think my thoughts are kind of going all over the place. If I get the chance I’ll maybe be online tomorrow night for some gaming, if people are free. I’ll need it before I get lost for a week doing my final project.

  5. I’m glad to hear that your Mom’s happy to be there now. I’m sure she knew it was a problem, and that’s the first part about fixing things like that.

    And Carl, don’t worry about your asshole manager. As long as you’re doing a good job and there’s stuff to back that up (particularly with a paper trail like a ticket system), then he can die in a fire. I don’t think management is all bad, my managers are quite good, but as I know quite well from my last job, there are shitty ones out there too. It doesn’t hurt to look around at other opportunities, like you are, though.

    It sounds like we need to do more gaming, whether it’s D&D on Wednesdays or other games or videogames, it’s all good. And you guys should totally get together in person to play some warhammer or whatever, too. It’s vital to unwind and have some fun sometimes.

    I’ll kick my own butt into getting Trail of Cthulhu set to begin soon.

  6. Yeah, more gaming is a must! I hope to have my IG army assembled (if not painted) by the end of June. At the latest.

    Once my school work is done i will also wrap up my ideas for my savage worlds game, and maybe work on adapting my DBZ game to it also.

    Can’t wait to do more video gaming also, would still love to pick up an xbox one day too.

  7. Well in some good news I got my license. Hitting old ladies does score you some extra points! I also got my new security system today for the Camaro. It’s pretty spiffy. Freaking thing tells you via LCD everything going on. Even if it’s turned on, lights on, door / trunk / hood open. Also can be used as an auto starter however I don’t have an automatic fuel injection system so probably can’t use that aspect.

    My brother is taking it to his mechanic school this week. They can book time and I pay discount on cost for parts. My brother found me a new 21 gallon gas tank so there is a huge chunk of rust out of the way lol And well I won’t explode either so yay!! So yeah just need the weatherstrip in and were golden.

    I should be free on the weekend. I don’t see anything planned. I should be good for D&D wed also.

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