Car Blog Vol 2

After some mechanical inspection over the past two weeks we have a bit more on the history of this car. So it seem’s this car was indeed a full fledged Berlinetta and the guy was trying to convert it to a Z28. He started this half assed conversion by putting in a Z28 engine in there. While this is all good and well the radiator is meant to cool a Berlinetta car engine. So the Z28 has a tendency over hot days and long distances to heat up a bit too much.  That and the radiator is probably dying of natural causes lol Also he seem’s to have tried to put Z 28 logo on the interior door panel however the panels are damaged because he tried to do stupid stuff and not well done.  Our theory is the guy just got lost and did not know how to manage a restoration. Or just tried to do things without research. I’m not a pro or a mechanic but I know when something doesn’t look right.

So thats a bit frustrating but really it’s not end of the world.

So not much has exactly changed since the last report. I had a fuel line filter put it. It’s pretty neat looking. It’s a see through glass tube with chromed ends with a filter inside. You can see gas go through it and the sediment that builds up. (Note this is not useful while driving making it…not useful). It was a free piece they tossed in so hey why not. I also had the drivers side door repaired a bit. Basically the pin the the door latches onto was rusted around and probably would have fallen off. So they welded that and put a material that can be smoothed out later and be painted over. I plan to eventually have the body repainted but no biggy right now. On the long term list.

I have windsheild washer pump and tubes being installed today. Being going without it for a bit which is a pain at times. The motor for the fluid was burnt out so had to change it. My weatherstrip finally arrived today so need to pick that up. Wonder how big the overall kit is. Was stuck at customs fora bit which is what held the shipping up.

I purchased a Haydens book for the Camaro which has everything on taking apart the car and rebuilding it. Mechanics needed more info on the electrical as they would have had to map it out manually which isn’t always exactly easy. So with the schematics now the security system should be put in soon.

New Dash arrives this week. So should be picking that up most likely on sunday or late saturday if all goes well. That will be a nice addition. I have removed the wood grain decal on the console bezel. Now it’s all back to stainless. I am thinking of maybe saving the bezel. I think it can be done for the cheap. I saw some guides online on how to restores it. So might give that a shot.

I have of course the suspension being changed. This is now booked for next monday.

I have sun visors and the brackets on order as the sun is pretty brutal in the morning and well, I would like to see the road. Got the visor of the ebay so yay for cheap. I also have a catalytic converter and headers coming in as it will help with emissions (catalytic converter especially since I have none currently).  I may also be changing the radiator asap depending on anything else immediate coming up. What are the odds…

So all in all things are picking up and turning out

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