So, further adventures in my quest for WH40k modifications and scratchbuilds. After some deliberating I can’t yet re-alocate enough cash to buy any Green Stuff for myself to help me build my Autarch. But since I’ve been wanting more and more to get my army playable, I’m becoming more willing to experiment if it means getting things done.

So, I did some research, and found this little gem. From what he says on his blog, he used basic hardware store epoxy putty to completely mold from scratch jetbike chassis for a squad of six eldar jetbikes, and used leftover bits from wave serpent/falcon sprues to build the rest. So this inspired me. The main thing I needed my greenstuff for was to make one or two extra warp jump generator carapaces for my autarch and possibly a secondary one should I have the available limbs, torsos and desire to have more than one weapon layout. And as basic hardware store epoxy putty suffices for the thick jetbike chassis, it will no doubt suffice for the thick carapace I needed. So off to Canadian Tire I went and picked up some Mighty Putty. For a paltry $11 after tax, I was able to purchase more of Billy Mays’ favourite all-purpose putty than I could have got green stuff for several times the price.

Now, I’ve done a lot of research on the subject, and the main reason many modders advise against Mighty Putty is two reasons. One, it hardens in about five minutes and essentially needs to be carved after that. And two, it hardens much too hard to replace delicate plastic pieces, more into a chunk of rock or concrete than into a hardened plastic. But as I will be using it mainly to replace thick metal pieces by making molds and then pressing fresh putty into the cured molds, flexibility and working time is essentially a non-issue as thick metal pieces aren’t supposed to bend. I had been warned that it had a strong smell, but having foolishly worked in closed quarters with fiberglass dust and paint fumes, I felt I could deal with any chemical smell.

So, I arrived home and after spending some time with the family and Deb had gone to bed, it was time to try out my new miracle putty and make Billy proud. No sooner had I opened a tube and cut off a suitable chunk to cast a mold, was I hit with an odor not entirely unlike a clogged ceptic tank. Why Billy? Why didn’t you warn us of this terrible evil curse surrounding your beloved putty? The immediate reaction of dropping it on the floor and trying to kill it was a difficult foe to beat, but beat it I did. And so I proceeded to spend the next 3 minutes rubbing this foul-smelling clay between my weakening hands, each squeeze producing another noseful of decomposing sulfur. And it got really warm as the chemical reaction took place. But eventually, I placed the putty, fully kneaded, onto a small piece of paper and pressed the carapace down into the blob, and then carefully removed it. And lo and behold, a perfect impression! So I set the mold aside to cure and quickly went to wash off my now sticky hands and carapace. So I’m pleasantly optimistic that this will provide the results I’m looking for. I’ll see tonight how well the mold has cured.


Thank you Billy Mays, thank you, you crazy frenetic bastard.

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