I think it’s time!

Hey les boys,

Call me crazy, but I have an idea. July 10-12th, warhammer party at my place! Armies need to be assembled and atleast primed to play. I figure we can aim for 1000 point battles, unless we feel bold and do higher point counts.

I know it may be short between visists for you curt, but I think it would be fun. People can camp at my place. We will obviously warhammer it up lots and watch movies maybe plan some kind of rpg. I am figuring dinner on Saturday at madisons steak house. Love that place, maybe catch a movie if there is anything worth seeing.

So let me know what you guys think.


12 thoughts on “I think it’s time!”

  1. I could hang for sure. Army though would not be ready. I am missing still two items for my sisters to be complete and not really a whole bunch of time to paint these days. Just been a wild ride this month.

    I would get said missing parts of my army but all funds have diverted to car repairs. At any rate I will see what can be done. Worse off I just hang with the gang.

  2. We could work with non legal armies, could even play 500 point skirmishes without a real HQ. Like what we did at curts, or you could borrow an army. I will have a legal neceon army and legal IG army once all assembled.

    The most important aspect is the hanging out though, so as long as your able to make it for that then it’s enough!

  3. Ooooh, I really like the sound of this, I’ve been itching to actually dig in and play 40k, I’ve got the majority of my army assembled and primed, and have even started on painting a couple, spent a couple hours Saturday night experimenting with techniques and colour schemes.

    And since this idea is still a month off it would give me some time to finish assembling my models and priming them. I may even have my Autarch done by then. Of course I’m not sure as to my availability for the weekend, it will be right after Deb and I get back from our honeymoon. So I’ll have to get back to you on this, but I definitely like the idea.

  4. I just hope this weekend idea can work out. Angie asked me what I want in ways of a party this year and this is all I wanted. So the madisons part will be my actual b-day dinner with you guys and a bunch of others, party wise though just us and lots of warhamme.

    Obviously Joe is invited too, incase he thinks “I don’t play warhammer…” we can set him up so he can try it and get him hooked…

  5. I am, of course, totally down with this idea. If we find that attendance is going to be lacking, we can always push it back a week or two so more people can make it. I’ll see how much painting I can get done this week, and I’ll see about assembling the rest of my Orks. I should be able to have SOMETHING fieldable by then.

    And yeah, no worries about legality or anything. Just get shit assembled and primed, and if you’ve got time, painted up. It’s not a tournament or anything.

  6. I will see how fast I can whip up the army. Time is also not on my side as due to activities the next two weekends have events obviously and also I have a deadline to get my lawn and driveway done. So will see.

    For me it will be awesome just to get all together.

  7. for sure, the gathering of as many of us as possible is always the best part in my books. So generals, let’s have those troops double timing it! Muahahaha!

  8. So, ran it by Deb last night, nothing planned for that weekend, so I am in for the Warhammer weekend. Should be a lot of fun. Can’t wait to hang out and face off on the battlefield.

  9. So yeah, Deb and Bry let me pick out my Father’s day gift and we happened to be at that hobby shop I mentioned with the 40% off Warhammer stuff. So now I’ve got a Space wolves battleforce with a Black Templars upgrade box and a Chaplain. So I can convert the battle force to a Black Templars army.

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