Last minute wedding stuff

Ok, we’re getting down to the last couple days before the wedding and I need to ensure that everyone knows what they need to do and where they needs to be, and when. Since most were unable to come to the rehearsal last night, I will provide what info I can here.

So first, it looks like Deb and I will be able to save about a grand on wedding costs by decorating the hall ourselves the night before the wedding. So it looks like I probably won’t be able to make it for a barbeque Friday night, which really sucks. But I’m pretty sure we can all agree that saving a thousand dollars (possibly more) is a pretty strong motivator and should count as a good excuse.

Bry and I will be sleeping at home Friday night and will likely be up and about some time around 10am (although Bry probably much earlier), I’m going to aim to have a good night’s sleep and try to be as well-rested as I can. The wedding photographer will be coming by around 1pm, I think (maybe a bit later), to take photos of “The Boys getting ready”, apparently. So all Groomsmen should try to be at my place by around 12:30 so we can make sure we’re all dressed and ready to go. My address, for those who don’t know, is:

328, Westminster Ave N.

A quick Google maps search should bring that up no problem. From there we’ll kinda just hang out and do final preparations until around 2:30 when we head over to the Church. At the chruch you guys will be ushering the guests in and showing them to their seats in the pews. Deb’s parents and my Aunt Sue and her boyfriend are seated on the isle in the second row on the groom and bride’s sides respectively. The front row will be for the groomsmen and bridesmaids on the groom and bride’s sides, obviously.

Once the guests have been seated we all retreat into the minister’s room and kinda just relax there until we’re called out. Once we’re called out, we file out, me at the head and make our way across the isle and form a line going out from me to the right of the altar (to the right when facing the altar). Then When Deb comes down the isle and I stand next to her, the minister will tell you to sit and you guys (and the bridesmaids on the other side) can then go caterpillar like in-file into the first row of pews from the outside. That is to say, Bry and Alex, at the head of the group, will start to walk back past you guys to the right and around the end of the pews, then make their way towards the isle end of the first row, you guys just follow in the order you’re standing (we can work out order when we meet up before we go to the church).  From then on, most of you are done your jobs and can just enjoy the wedding, Alex and Bry still have stuff to do, but they know what and should be fine. Once the wedding is over everyone just kinda makes their way out the front doors of the church.

The only other thing to note is that Deb wants to film ther wedding ceremony. We’ve got a great new digital camcorder and we need someone to do the recording of the wedding. Deb’s suggestion was Joe, and that works for me. I also would have suggested Carl, but being a groomsman, that would make for some weird camera angles and POV changes.

So anyway, any and all who read this and are coming to the wedding (groomsmen especially), reply and let me know if it’s clear enough or if you have any questions.

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  1. Sounds good. I will be with Marie however and be driving via Camaro. If anyone needs a lift Curt and I both have our cars.

    Alex is mentioning however that the minister said only you and him would be in the back room. I just want you to be sure of this so were all on the same page.

    I will bring my camcorder anyways and take a video from the groomsmen PoV. An extra footage is always memorable. Plus I can legally record us changing…I mean…ughh

  2. As far as I know it’s all the groomsmen that are not ushering at the time that get to go in the back. And you can always record some video as well Carl, but you’d have to only do it once you sit down, our minister is kinda strict about certain things and it would probably look weird to have one guy in the lineup at the front staring through a camera lens. But we’re going to be there a while before any of the guests and whatnot, so we discuss little details like that with the minister beforehand.

  3. seems clear enough, I mean it sounds exactly as I thought it would be.

    For reception, is there gonna be a receiving line and/or big entrance for all of us?or we all just show up and sit down at table?

  4. There is going to be a receiving line of some sort, it will be after the pictures with the photographer, a little bit after arriving at the reception hall. As far as I know you guys can basically just head to the reception hall after the ceremony and mingle/enjoy cocktails until the lineup. I’m not completely clear on how this is going to work at that point, but I’ll let you know before we need to do it.

  5. Did anyone else notice that the vest is the same that Bilbo wears in LOTR. Yup, I am that geeky. Now to pretend were midgets and get totally tanked while smoking weed

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