Just finished reading through the metric fuck ton of comics. Just wow.

Detective comics with Batwoman is great. This is the first time the series has had another character let alone a female as the lead. The art style is fantastic and the story is starting to develop pretty well.

Red Robin is very good as well. Robin is no longer play it nice. He is emotionally hurt at the loss of Bruce and the fact that Dick has picked a new Robin without telling the old one. So he is crossing the line a bit which is good because you know he is justified in his emotions.

I read a bunch of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps books leading into the Blackest Night arc. Basically there are rings for the various colors in the spectrum with of course each having it’s own corps. Every color is a representation of emotion. Green is Will power, Pink is love, Yellow is Avarice, Red is Rage, etc. There has been a war of light with all the various factions in confrontation with each other and now the absence of light (black) has released rings to dead super heroes / villains. This is somewhat of an upcoming apocalypse. It plays on a lot of emotional levels as there has been lots of deaths recently from the past few story arcs like Infinite Crisis. Already two heroes were brutally murdered by people resurrected in a WTF moment. So it’s just plain wicked to see the action.

Infiinite Crisis is pretty good. Basically this event lead into another event called 52. It was mostly used as a ploy to clean up the DC universe and correct inconsistencies in stories and mythologies. It works at doing it and you see some events that really lead into things like Batman: Rest in Peace and Final Crisis. It is pretty intense at some points with heroes being slaughtered. Literally one hero of renown gets their head punched off, another an arm ripped off and other brutal endings. I like it now as the stepped things up a notch. No longer are heroes really protected and can never be harmed or died. B-list heroes are more useful. In fact the whole arc makes them more important and 52 makes them the leaders within the DC Universe. This shows that not everything revolves around Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman.

Captain America Reborn is also a cool title to check out. Basically Steve Rogers is coming back, not sure how yet but all you know is things are leading up to it as they try and explain his death and hints at how he can return. This is very well written.

So if any of you ever want to get or follow comics well here is some cool titles. If you have any questions on arcs or wants spoilers comment and I will.

Halifax part deux

Well here I am again folks. Been a few days now in the great Halifax region. Went to see the Alexander Keith brewery which was an awesome experience and a rum cake shop. Have some swag for you my peeps but that will be a surprise. But when I do return we must sample my single malt whiskey cake they make. All local too (including the whiskey). The tour was great. Obviously you learn about Alexander Keith and brewing in 1855 plus see the premises. It’s all thematic too so you get a guided tour by bar wenches that occasionally have a tavern tune. Of course we (me times two mwahaha) got to sample some fine ale brewed on the spot which was great.

We visited Peggy Cove. At first I was like meh, a light house but it’s very charming…and inspiring for Cthulhu. Inspiration is all around this place for the Cthulhu genre, from the graveyards, the gardens to the docks. But it was nice scenery from what we saw (very foggy day).

I went to vist a second hand game store called “The last game store”. It was like a microplay type place. Had a decent selection but it seems people keep the must have titles. Unlike microplay where you can walk away with a gem over here you just have b titles on the shelves. Though I must say they had an impressive coleco vision / atari section.

Next while the baby was asleep I visted Strange Adventures which is Canada’s Best Comic Store. It somewhat lives up to the accolades given to it. It’s under a sex shop and you almost think your breaking into someone’s basement. Well it is a basement…But at any rate it has a great selection of titles. I think Fantasia would have this place whipped on the sheer number of comics back in the day but the guy has a lot of swag. Like orginal Star Trek dolls, Night of the Living Dead dolls, original GI Joe action figures. Lots of manga, a little board game section and a very very tiny RPG section.

Again I am convinced that a larger place with more selection would be better and do very well. I guess kind of like Levalet. Offer if possible some cheaper prices on a few items and voila. It seem’s like a largely untapped market here and your right by the university too. Come on these people have to game!

So I bought a metric fuck ton of comics as I want to get back into things. I came in at a good time as a few titles are starting up again from scratch due to events. I got the new Batman series. For those who don’t know Batman died in Final Crisis by Darkseid. So Dick Grayson is now the new Batman, Tim Drake (Robin) has become Red Robin and went solo in an attempt to find Bruce Wayne. So yeah got Batman, Red Robin, Gotham City Sirens (Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy team up), Detective Comics (Batwoman series), Gothan City Central, The Flash: Rebirth (Barry Allen is back), Green Lantern: Blackest Night. Black rings now and old heroes in Zombie form do battle with the other colored lanterns. I even got a black ring collectable with it for free. Wahoo! So yeah this was all to jump start me in all these events. Batman & Robin is impressing me a lot and all the side Batman series are looking really awesome.

So yeah thats it for now. More looking around today and maybe a tour tomorrow.

Warhammer Terrain Making!

So, i figured it was time to finally show off my two finished terrain pieces. Been working on some sand bag defenses for my Imerial Guard to cower behind. Started them last week. They have been assembled but unpainted for days. Got off my lazy ass tonight and painted them up.

For materials, i chopped up a clip board i had and made the bases out of it. It’s called mesonite, cuts and shaves well with a knife but is also tough and ridged. To define the pieces i layed out some styrofoam, then made the bags out of modelling clay and glued them on top. Covered the thing with sand from the street, then painted it with three cheap paints from the dollar store, although i did use some Calthan Brown citadel paint also. May add some details later, ie lasguns, backpacks, helmets, etc.

Overall came out better then i thought they would. Let me know what you think.










PSP bricked

Well it seemed my PSP is bricked. Yup, it bit the dust. Basically it will not turn on anymore. I am not sure why it will not. Last I did was play Star Ocean: First Departure. I did some research and there are some ways to fix it. Basically you need to mod your battery then put a special program on your memory card and it will basically downgrade it. The bricking somehow happens when your system becomes corrupt. Apparently it’s a common problem with the system. Which = irritating. Looking online at their service department it is about $100 to repair it at the service centre out of warranty. I am hoping I kept my receipt as I am sure it’s under warranty. I mean I would almost be better at that point to just buy a new bundle. At which point I would probably get that new Rock Band PSP bundle. It’s just very annoying for this to happen.

Side Note: I managed to get Siren for the PS2. One hard to get game FOUND! I still cannot find the ever elusive Valkyria Chronicles.


Well here we are in Halifax doing what Halifax people do. Drinkng and eating….Ba-dum-ching! Just kidding but the trip was a long drive which I did most of daringly enough. The weather was good coming in but it seem’s we are to get a mega storm. We have 100% humidity around here. Luckily our air conditioning nulls the effects however out in the hallway, etc you can just feel it. So hoping it will get a tad better. It has a very Lovecraftian feel right now by the water.

I can’t say I am overly impressed with the location. Guess I was expecting more from Halifax. It’s…quaint. I think I was expecting more developed. Though I am just going by observations from our current area so it may be more developed elsewhere.

So on todays menu were visiting a haunted church, a rum cake store, their mega mall and maybe some other fun stuff.

R.I.P Zoe the cat

Well our cat Zoe died today in a rather tragic way. I was removing a matted hair clump from her back and when done she ran off however only about two feet. Lucas was nearby but she curled a bit and then began convulsions. I had placed her in her basket as Marie quickly researched what was going on. It was either an epileptic seizure or embolism. The seizure were not passing after ten minutes so we resigned to take her to the vet. However during this time while I was holding Zoe from convulsing everywhere, she died in my hands. To say the least Marie is very upset since it was her cat of 13 years (91 years old). I am scarred I think from the experience of having her die in my hands and then burying her where our new flower box will be. I plan to do something nice there and found it appropriate. However not a nice start to the day before heading out to Halifax.


Hi everybody!!!

How ya all doing? Feels like I don’t really keep in touch with everyone very well. Aside from a few comments on Curts site or D&D nights seems like I barely talk to anyone often. Guess it doesn’t help that I barely use my facebook, I’m not a “twit” (if that is indeed the correct term), I don’t use googletalk much (although I should try to), and so on.

So I guess this is kind of like one of Carls big “how the he’ll is everyone?” blog posts.

Lately I have been just struggling through most days. Work keeps getting me down. Can’t stand working around so much ego all the damn time. Especially in such a crappy go no where job like this. I keep trying to shake things up and make some drastic changes, but alas they seem to fall through way to often.

I was pushing so hard so that I could begin making the move to ontario this year. But that has already been postponed until next year. Need to finish school, sigh. Still not sure if I will be able to cut out a career In photography. I love it, but I just don’t know if I have it in me to make it work. I will always practice it and maybe do some on the side. All I know is I need to figure something out, I need to know what it feels like to actually have a career…

On the home front, even though the house is looking better then it has in years it still aggravates me how much is left too do. Seems like it will always be a work in progress. My aunt wants it ready to sell by sept 1st but nobody is in a hurry to help me out with labour or financials… Angie and I are looking to get our own place to live for the next year so we can finish school. We laready have a place we like and will be making an offer Saturday. I am Hoping having a place to call my own will help with stress.

Anyways, guess I should wrap this up, my day is about to start. Maybe if people are free tonight we can play some lfd or tf2 or something tonight. As much as I love warhammer seems like it is all I’m doing lately.

How you all doing? I know it wasn’t that long ago you guys were all down for my bday, but it actually feels like it’s been ages.

e on the side

Ask a Basterd

Found this today on Wired. Basically like Dear Abbey advice but it’s from Brad Pitt instead. Hillarious stuff.

If I Exaggerate My Salary on Online Dating Profile, Should I Fess Up?

Is it OK to look at pornography at work?

Can I Talk on the Phone While Taking a Whiz?

Am I a Jerk if I Dump Our Sucky Rock Band Bassist?

Edit 1: Found some more

Can I answer my cell during a movie if it seems urgent?

I want to post a picture of my wife’s butt on twitter á la Ashton Kutcher. Do I need to ask her first, or can I snap, post, and hope she’ll be flattered?

Should I ask my World of Warcraft wife if she’s really a dude?

FanExpo 2009

So, Amanda and I are thinking it might be fun to go to FanExpo this year. The convention is like a celebration of all our geeky interests in one big place. Comics, Sci-fi, Anime, Gaming, and Horror all rolled into one. The event is in downtown Toronto on the 28th of August to the 30th. Tickets are between $10 and $75, depending on which package you get. Bring your wives, your girlfriends, your friends, whoever you want! When we know who’s coming, we can sort out the details of meeting near the convention centre and going in together, or whatever works best for everyone. Let me know if you’re interested!

PAX East, here we come!

Well I think this is official as we have ever gotten on a road trip like this. But here is graphical evidence that we are indeed going. Now please note for everyone else interested, you can go to the PAX East site and do pre registration. You have the option of having your badges sent to you via FED Ex (which I did). I bought these now as I owed Curt from awhile back so rather then get lost in translation now it’s fucking booked! Oh yeah!


Moby – Shot in the Back of the Head

I haven’t really been following Moby for awhile, but for one reason or another, he came up in conversation at work, so I checked out what he was up to. This is from his latest album, and I actually quite like it. So I decided to make it the Monday Music Video. The video’s a bit on the super artsy end of things for me, but I like the song. It reminds me of Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai.

My Staycation

Good day all,

I don’t think I have talked to anyone since the wedding so I thought I would post here to see how people are doing.

My trip back from Montreal was uneventful for the most part, however on arriving… in fact we had already pulled into the parking spot in my Condo and was just straightening out the car, we noticed it wasn’t reversing all that smooth.

Thinking this was the inevitable transmission issue I have been warned about since day one I decided to take it to mr. transmission. Wow, what a ride. Felt like I was driving through a swamp.

Anyways… long story short, my transmission would cost me over $1000 to fix so I bought not so new ’08 Pontiac G5. All of this taking place on my forced vacation… and to boot, yes… a cold, all week long.

As I sit here hacking and spewing all over my keyboard would you brighten up my day with some good news, how is it going?