Just finished reading through the metric fuck ton of comics. Just wow.

Detective comics with Batwoman is great. This is the first time the series has had another character let alone a female as the lead. The art style is fantastic and the story is starting to develop pretty well.

Red Robin is very good as well. Robin is no longer play it nice. He is emotionally hurt at the loss of Bruce and the fact that Dick has picked a new Robin without telling the old one. So he is crossing the line a bit which is good because you know he is justified in his emotions.

I read a bunch of Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps books leading into the Blackest Night arc. Basically there are rings for the various colors in the spectrum with of course each having it’s own corps. Every color is a representation of emotion. Green is Will power, Pink is love, Yellow is Avarice, Red is Rage, etc. There has been a war of light with all the various factions in confrontation with each other and now the absence of light (black) has released rings to dead super heroes / villains. This is somewhat of an upcoming apocalypse. It plays on a lot of emotional levels as there has been lots of deaths recently from the past few story arcs like Infinite Crisis. Already two heroes were brutally murdered by people resurrected in a WTF moment. So it’s just plain wicked to see the action.

Infiinite Crisis is pretty good. Basically this event lead into another event called 52. It was mostly used as a ploy to clean up the DC universe and correct inconsistencies in stories and mythologies. It works at doing it and you see some events that really lead into things like Batman: Rest in Peace and Final Crisis. It is pretty intense at some points with heroes being slaughtered. Literally one hero of renown gets their head punched off, another an arm ripped off and other brutal endings. I like it now as the stepped things up a notch. No longer are heroes really protected and can never be harmed or died. B-list heroes are more useful. In fact the whole arc makes them more important and 52 makes them the leaders within the DC Universe. This shows that not everything revolves around Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman.

Captain America Reborn is also a cool title to check out. Basically Steve Rogers is coming back, not sure how yet but all you know is things are leading up to it as they try and explain his death and hints at how he can return. This is very well written.

So if any of you ever want to get or follow comics well here is some cool titles. If you have any questions on arcs or wants spoilers comment and I will.

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  1. They already launched Captain America Reborn? Doh, i was actually interested in checking that one out, but did not think it would be out until the fall for some reason.

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