FanExpo 2009

So, Amanda and I are thinking it might be fun to go to FanExpo this year. The convention is like a celebration of all our geeky interests in one big place. Comics, Sci-fi, Anime, Gaming, and Horror all rolled into one. The event is in downtown Toronto on the 28th of August to the 30th. Tickets are between $10 and $75, depending on which package you get. Bring your wives, your girlfriends, your friends, whoever you want! When we know who’s coming, we can sort out the details of meeting near the convention centre and going in together, or whatever works best for everyone. Let me know if you’re interested!

3 thoughts on “FanExpo 2009”

  1. I am definitely interested!!!

    I will talk with Angie and see what our plans are. As of the 27th of august I am starting my vacation. We were originally wanting to do an all inclusive but lack of cash and passport on my part will make that hard to do. So we may just be in the GTA anyways doing a vacation on a dime.

    Will let you know.

  2. So Angie is interested, we still need to iron out all of the details of our vacation, but it is looking good that we will join in the fun!

    Just need to wait and see what the next two weeks bring us, then we will have a clearer ideer.

  3. I know I am interested and I think Marie would find it interesting. Will need to check with her and see. We have a lot going on in august. Niece and nephew have birthdays so once I check all this will let you know.

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