Halifax part deux

Well here I am again folks. Been a few days now in the great Halifax region. Went to see the Alexander Keith brewery which was an awesome experience and a rum cake shop. Have some swag for you my peeps but that will be a surprise. But when I do return we must sample my single malt whiskey cake they make. All local too (including the whiskey). The tour was great. Obviously you learn about Alexander Keith and brewing in 1855 plus see the premises. It’s all thematic too so you get a guided tour by bar wenches that occasionally have a tavern tune. Of course we (me times two mwahaha) got to sample some fine ale brewed on the spot which was great.

We visited Peggy Cove. At first I was like meh, a light house but it’s very charming…and inspiring for Cthulhu. Inspiration is all around this place for the Cthulhu genre, from the graveyards, the gardens to the docks. But it was nice scenery from what we saw (very foggy day).

I went to vist a second hand game store called “The last game store”. It was like a microplay type place. Had a decent selection but it seems people keep the must have titles. Unlike microplay where you can walk away with a gem over here you just have b titles on the shelves. Though I must say they had an impressive coleco vision / atari section.

Next while the baby was asleep I visted Strange Adventures which is Canada’s Best Comic Store. It somewhat lives up to the accolades given to it. It’s under a sex shop and you almost think your breaking into someone’s basement. Well it is a basement…But at any rate it has a great selection of titles. I think Fantasia would have this place whipped on the sheer number of comics back in the day but the guy has a lot of swag. Like orginal Star Trek dolls, Night of the Living Dead dolls, original GI Joe action figures. Lots of manga, a little board game section and a very very tiny RPG section.

Again I am convinced that a larger place with more selection would be better and do very well. I guess kind of like Levalet. Offer if possible some cheaper prices on a few items and voila. It seem’s like a largely untapped market here and your right by the university too. Come on these people have to game!

So I bought a metric fuck ton of comics as I want to get back into things. I came in at a good time as a few titles are starting up again from scratch due to events. I got the new Batman series. For those who don’t know Batman died in Final Crisis by Darkseid. So Dick Grayson is now the new Batman, Tim Drake (Robin) has become Red Robin and went solo in an attempt to find Bruce Wayne. So yeah got Batman, Red Robin, Gotham City Sirens (Catwoman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy team up), Detective Comics (Batwoman series), Gothan City Central, The Flash: Rebirth (Barry Allen is back), Green Lantern: Blackest Night. Black rings now and old heroes in Zombie form do battle with the other colored lanterns. I even got a black ring collectable with it for free. Wahoo! So yeah this was all to jump start me in all these events. Batman & Robin is impressing me a lot and all the side Batman series are looking really awesome.

So yeah thats it for now. More looking around today and maybe a tour tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Halifax part deux”

  1. Glad to hear the trip is going well. Sounds like a good place for a vacation. Angie and I may have to look into one day. Sounds like lots of good opportunity for some good photo’s.

    Besides that, we really want to visit the Keith’s Brewery also. Been on our list of things to do for a while 😉

  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to say this yesterday, but I wanted to thank you and Marie for showing me around Halifax. I now have some great places to visit.

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