Well here we are in Halifax doing what Halifax people do. Drinkng and eating….Ba-dum-ching! Just kidding but the trip was a long drive which I did most of daringly enough. The weather was good coming in but it seem’s we are to get a mega storm. We have 100% humidity around here. Luckily our air conditioning nulls the effects however out in the hallway, etc you can just feel it. So hoping it will get a tad better. It has a very Lovecraftian feel right now by the water.

I can’t say I am overly impressed with the location. Guess I was expecting more from Halifax. It’s…quaint. I think I was expecting more developed. Though I am just going by observations from our current area so it may be more developed elsewhere.

So on todays menu were visiting a haunted church, a rum cake store, their mega mall and maybe some other fun stuff.

3 thoughts on “Halifax!”

  1. Yeah, there is not a lot in Halifax. Across the bridge in Dartmouth if you go a little bit farther in you come to a developing mall area, kind of like the shopping area around the Coliseum. Other than that its pretty dull here. There isn’t even a movie theater that I know of. Closest one is in Dartmouth.

  2. Well after further visiting this morning it’s a cute place. I like the little town feel and some areas have much nicer victorian style homes. It makes you want to be there. The churches are sweet though we didn’t see the haunted one yet. Trouble finding that place but the architecture on the others is really nice. Good inspiration for Ravenloft or any other spooky genre.

    We visited the public gardens here which is nice. Deceptive at first as where we entered was just bushes. I was like yayyy bushes, we so don’t have those. But there was a huge pond and streams. Pond gave me some Cthulhu ideas. The whole place is inspirational for that I think. The houses as well.

    I passed briefly through Darthmouth. It was okay from what I saw. I think overall it’s a cool area to be in. I don’t see much in the way of what I could do here unless I open up a shop. A cool RPG / Miniature shop I think would work well since were by the university / college. I think it would make a killing.

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