My Staycation

Good day all,

I don’t think I have talked to anyone since the wedding so I thought I would post here to see how people are doing.

My trip back from Montreal was uneventful for the most part, however on arriving… in fact we had already pulled into the parking spot in my Condo and was just straightening out the car, we noticed it wasn’t reversing all that smooth.

Thinking this was the inevitable transmission issue I have been warned about since day one I decided to take it to mr. transmission. Wow, what a ride. Felt like I was driving through a swamp.

Anyways… long story short, my transmission would cost me over $1000 to fix so I bought not so new ’08 Pontiac G5. All of this taking place on my forced vacation… and to boot, yes… a cold, all week long.

As I sit here hacking and spewing all over my keyboard would you brighten up my day with some good news, how is it going?

3 thoughts on “My Staycation”

  1. That sucks Joe but I hear ya on the car issues

    Pretty much my car has weekly issues. Some of which was kind of expected but at the same time your like what else can happen. Right now my power steering is leaking so we have to see where the leak is coming from on this. Is it a hose, the device itself. I also had a headlight go out but need to get stock replacement otherwise I have to convert the lights over to Halogen. Trying to even find stock replacement was a bitch. All my restoration places had halogen. I almost turned to Curts dad for help on finding replacements however I stumbled across a site that had a pair of stock replacements for $20. So compared to the $200 halogen conversion kit it was a bargain. Things I need done as well are changing the main window and fix the alignment of the side windows as they do not raise high and “fit” as they should so there is a tiny gap left. So in all lots of work to be done still but it’s all in good fun. In one sense you get depressed at the scope but in another sense you learn a lot and see it grow from what it used to be.

    Aside from that the job is pretty boring. I am kind of evaluating what I am doing here and what can I do to either improve things here or where to move on to. Just that I am finding myself twiddling my thumbs and progression seems to be stalled for the team lead position. I just need more to do and right now it’s at a level lower then I want to do.

    I’ve looked at local opportunities and there is not much. I found a few that are very interesting in the TO area however that then becomes a family issue here as Marie has some school left to do.

    Aside from that Lucas is growing a lot these days. Had to do some emergency shopping as one morning we woke up and he must have grown at least 5cm or so and it was like WTF?! So he no longer fit in a few shirts, etc. So we went to Sears and bought some new clothes. We now buy 3 year old clothes for him which is kinda scary.

    Today is the 2nd year wedding anniversary of Marie and I. Which of course we both forgot till we talked when we each got to work. Was rather funny.

  2. Sorry to hear about you car Joe. I know all about car trouble, but Right nowl my only car issue is that I don’t have one…

    Otherwise I’m on par with Carl. Job blows, wasting my time and suffocating myself here. Had a moment last week where I just wanted to give up on school, cut my loses and finally move out to TO. But Angie convinced me to finish school then we would move.

    The stress here is eating me alive, fixing the house, shitty job, no money…things have been bleak lately. So now to try and earn some peace we are going to buy a townhouse here, live in it for a year to finish school, then move to TO next spring/summer. We will rent out out the townhouse, or sell it if need be. Hopefully at a small profit.

    Aside from that just looking forward to the weekend and playing lots of warhammer. You are still more then welcome to come Joe! if your feeling better.

  3. Yeah, Joe, I’ll be leaving Friday night, I didn’t take the day off this time, so if you decide you want to come, you can ride with me.

    As for what’s shakin’? Not too much. Been playing the dating game which has been going pretty well, I’d say. Outside of that, lots of videogame playing as always. I got the Sims 3, and am addicted to that again. Yeah, I know, it’s the Sims, but it’s surprisingly fun to play again. Of course, my main sim got electrocuted and died the day after getting married, so I’ve already had to start a new sim, but that’s what makes this sort of thing fun. His life of being a rock star was getting a bit bland, I suppose.

    Work’s been good, though it’s been fairly hectic lately as we’ve released a big project out into the wild. A few things blew up, and turned out to me my fault. Nothing fatal, but enough to be embarrassing, so I’m looking forward to the weekend!

    Speaking of which, I’ve been bad, outside of painting the skin for 4 Orks and building a wartrukk, I haven’t really had time to build up my armies. If I can find the time this week, I’ll see about maybe just slapping together as many orks as possible and priming them. I don’t want to play with just primed models, but this late in the game I have little choice. It’s surprisingly complex to put together a trukk, I might add. Nothing at all like the marine tanks. There’s all kinds of little fiddly bits.

    Regardless of my armies’ states, I’m definitely looking forward to the weekend. Not the drive, mind you, but the weekend. 😉

    And grats on the new wheels, Joe! That little car was a workhorse, but it was certainly past it’s prime. I hope you have better luck with the G5.

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