PSP bricked

Well it seemed my PSP is bricked. Yup, it bit the dust. Basically it will not turn on anymore. I am not sure why it will not. Last I did was play Star Ocean: First Departure. I did some research and there are some ways to fix it. Basically you need to mod your battery then put a special program on your memory card and it will basically downgrade it. The bricking somehow happens when your system becomes corrupt. Apparently it’s a common problem with the system. Which = irritating. Looking online at their service department it is about $100 to repair it at the service centre out of warranty. I am hoping I kept my receipt as I am sure it’s under warranty. I mean I would almost be better at that point to just buy a new bundle. At which point I would probably get that new Rock Band PSP bundle. It’s just very annoying for this to happen.

Side Note: I managed to get Siren for the PS2. One hard to get game FOUND! I still cannot find the ever elusive Valkyria Chronicles.

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