R.I.P Zoe the cat

Well our cat Zoe died today in a rather tragic way. I was removing a matted hair clump from her back and when done she ran off however only about two feet. Lucas was nearby but she curled a bit and then began convulsions. I had placed her in her basket as Marie quickly researched what was going on. It was either an epileptic seizure or embolism. The seizure were not passing after ten minutes so we resigned to take her to the vet. However during this time while I was holding Zoe from convulsing everywhere, she died in my hands. To say the least Marie is very upset since it was her cat of 13 years (91 years old). I am scarred I think from the experience of having her die in my hands and then burying her where our new flower box will be. I plan to do something nice there and found it appropriate. However not a nice start to the day before heading out to Halifax.

5 thoughts on “R.I.P Zoe the cat”

  1. losing a pet is as bad as losing a loved one. at least to me. was hard when moocow died by that car that hit him. still hard thinking about it.

    i ended up burying him in the ‘front yard’ of my place in ste annes. i wonder if he’s still there.

    sorry for your loss guys.

  2. It really is losing a loved one. I feel like I’m the one who’s died every time I put a pet to sleep. It’s agony and it’s the worst part about having a pet.

    I’m really sorry to hear that it was such a horrible way for the cat to go, Carl. 🙁

  3. I agree, pets become family and when they pass on, it’s just as hard. I know this sting as well and you guys have my condolences. I hope you can recover from the trauma of her death and how it occurred.

  4. Sorry to hear about the passing of Zoe. I actually know what you went through Carl believe it or not. I was spending the summer at my Uncle’s farm, and one day as he was leaving the garage a cat tried to run out the door the same time he went to close the door and the cat had the door closed on it. It started to convulse and I held it the same way you did trying to stop it from convulsing and after a few minutes it died. It was a little traumatizing to have something die in your arms but after a while it just becomes a memory. I was saved the agony of being in BC when our cat had to finally be put down. I was also at work when the rabbit had to be put down. Its great having a pet but the downfall is knowing that someday the enevitable will happen.

  5. I am really very sorry to hear that Carl, Angie passes along her condolences as well. It is very hard when you lose a pet. God knows Bonnie is like a child to Angie and I, we dread the day that she passes. It will be very hard.

    Atleast do your best to push forward and enjoy your time in Halifax. Losing a pet leaves an empty spot near your heart, it will never truly go away but you will always have fond memories of time spent with your loved pet.

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