Hi everybody!!!

How ya all doing? Feels like I don’t really keep in touch with everyone very well. Aside from a few comments on Curts site or D&D nights seems like I barely talk to anyone often. Guess it doesn’t help that I barely use my facebook, I’m not a “twit” (if that is indeed the correct term), I don’t use googletalk much (although I should try to), and so on.

So I guess this is kind of like one of Carls big “how the he’ll is everyone?” blog posts.

Lately I have been just struggling through most days. Work keeps getting me down. Can’t stand working around so much ego all the damn time. Especially in such a crappy go no where job like this. I keep trying to shake things up and make some drastic changes, but alas they seem to fall through way to often.

I was pushing so hard so that I could begin making the move to ontario this year. But that has already been postponed until next year. Need to finish school, sigh. Still not sure if I will be able to cut out a career In photography. I love it, but I just don’t know if I have it in me to make it work. I will always practice it and maybe do some on the side. All I know is I need to figure something out, I need to know what it feels like to actually have a career…

On the home front, even though the house is looking better then it has in years it still aggravates me how much is left too do. Seems like it will always be a work in progress. My aunt wants it ready to sell by sept 1st but nobody is in a hurry to help me out with labour or financials… Angie and I are looking to get our own place to live for the next year so we can finish school. We laready have a place we like and will be making an offer Saturday. I am Hoping having a place to call my own will help with stress.

Anyways, guess I should wrap this up, my day is about to start. Maybe if people are free tonight we can play some lfd or tf2 or something tonight. As much as I love warhammer seems like it is all I’m doing lately.

How you all doing? I know it wasn’t that long ago you guys were all down for my bday, but it actually feels like it’s been ages.

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  1. Not a ton is really new, I admit. I’ve been desperately trying to fight off this cold I caught this week and it’s been slow going. I’m so damn good at being diseased, I guess.

    Work’s been busy, but not terribly so. We’re between two large projects, so it’s died down a little bit. There’s always something that needs to be worked on, though.

    My focus, however, has been on my relationship with Amanda, which is going fantastically well. Better than I could’ve imagined, even. As such, I’ve been spending most of my time with her, which has kept me from playing many video games or whatnot. We can, very easily, pass an evening just chatting online. If I can manage to shake this cold in time, we’re supposed to go to the Uxbridge Highland Games this coming weekend. Maybe I’ll even buy a claymore, finally. 🙂

    If I wasn’t so far away, I’d gladly help work on your house, Neil. And I’m certain you’ll cut it as a photographer. You just gotta finish school and get your name out there. 🙂

  2. Im glad things are going well with you and Amanda. It’s good news! Where’s uxbridge? Are those the games near Kingston? Looking forward to are local games here, august 2nd. I’d love to also finally pick up a weapon or two, but it will have to wait for next year. Even then, I’d rather get my first kilt before a sword 😉

    woot my necron monolith just shipped out!

    You should by stock in chicken noodle soup, vitamins, and maybe even a self containted environment. Like a bubble or something. Maybe it will help keep you healthier 😉

    I could recommend a treatment, but it would require amandas consent. There is a song that prescribes it as a viable medical process… Guess it would be considered a homeopathic remedy… 😉

    Stay healthy!

  3. As for me I am tired. Lot’s of running around from place to place. Were doing the last few preps for Halifax. It should be a fun trip. I had my reservations on it but found some cool places to check out. We will look at reportedly haunted locations. Also managed to find a Games Workshop store.

    Things work wise have been dull. Sending an application to a position at Ubisoft Montreal. Seeing what may come of it. I just need something more interesting.

    Just finished watching GITS: SAC last night. Awesome anime. Now watching Xenosaga which is also a very wicked anime. Awesome music which I must have.

  4. Well all the best on your application to ubisoft Carl. Hope it works out for you. I need to start scanning the job market a bit. Right now my options are stay at pharmaprix or go back to futureshop. Neither are exactly amazing options. If I’m here for another year I’d rather have a job I like, or atleast am not fed up with, lol.

    I still have not heard from Chris about tonight. It is this week he is in Montreal right? Finish early today so will try him after lunch and see what’s going on.

    I’m really excited now about tomorrow. Making an offer on a townhouse! Hopefully all will go well, this place is awesome. We have until the end of august to use our pre approval. If we don’t use it by then we gotta put in for another one. If that happens then we may just leave it and wait until we are ready next year for moving to Ontario. Would be good to, but i need the change. Besides if my mons place sells in the fall I would need a place anyways. Lol, life is so complicated. But that’s what keeps it interesting I guess 😉

  5. Things are going well with me (and Deb and Bry) we’ve been happy as a family although I think I haven’t been sleeping right lately as I’m a little more prone to mood swings. But now Deb Bry and I have a hobby we can share as a family that I’m really stoked about, and that is (Dun dun dun!) Magic… The Gathering!

    As I mentioned in the shout a few days ago, Deb introduced me to it, and bought me a few starter packs to build myself a deck or two with, I’m going mostly black mana (surprise surprise) and have a few decks, one Red/Black (Fire/Darkness), two White/Black (Good/Evil), a Blue (Water/Air), and one I’m working on that’s Green/White (Plant/Good).

    To top it off I’ve also been supplementing my Black Templars army, I got a marines tactical box last week that I have yet to assemble, and today I just picked up a devastator squad box (Black Templars don’t actually have devastator squads, but can mix the heavy weapons into their standard Crusader squads. So now my army is much more modular, with lots of customizing and swapping options. I have a $20 gift card from the game shop near us (Gamer’s World, site: ) due to the fidelity card system they have there, which is essentially for every $10 before tax you spend, you get a stamp on your card, when it’s full, it counts as a $20 gift card there. Deb and I have both been putting purchases on there (Magic and Warhammer) so it added up fast. Which means I’m probably going to get a box of Space Wolves Blood Claws for just a little over half price.

    So, long story short, I now have TWO expensive hobbies. Aside from that we got our new couch and TV with the wedding present money. The TV is a 42″ Sharp Aquos LCD TV and is an awesome TV. The couch is brown, and cushy and VERY comfortable. Toss in the brown curtains we got on sale at Sears a couple weeks ago and our living room now looks, and functions SOOOO much better than before.

    As for upcoming events, Deb, Bry and I are planning on heading into Toronto next weekend, gonna see about visiting some of the sights and attractions in the area. Ontario place being a possibility. I know Curt was eager to meet up during the weekend we’re there. Still feeling up to that, Curt? We’d love to meet Amanda and it’d be cool if we could get you two, as well as Joe and Sarah together, maybe we could all do Ontario place, or something else. So, that’s about it for me right now. Overall, things are going good on my end.

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