Warhammer Terrain Making!

So, i figured it was time to finally show off my two finished terrain pieces. Been working on some sand bag defenses for my Imerial Guard to cower behind. Started them last week. They have been assembled but unpainted for days. Got off my lazy ass tonight and painted them up.

For materials, i chopped up a clip board i had and made the bases out of it. It’s called mesonite, cuts and shaves well with a knife but is also tough and ridged. To define the pieces i layed out some styrofoam, then made the bags out of modelling clay and glued them on top. Covered the thing with sand from the street, then painted it with three cheap paints from the dollar store, although i did use some Calthan Brown citadel paint also. May add some details later, ie lasguns, backpacks, helmets, etc.

Overall came out better then i thought they would. Let me know what you think.










5 thoughts on “Warhammer Terrain Making!”

  1. At first, before I read the full post, I thought you had linked to images from a professional terrain dealer or something. Those look amazing!

  2. That’s what i like to hear!

    For the straight one i loosely followed a video tutorial, at the same time i made the other one just to play around with it.

    I’ll probably make a few more sand bag defenses for variety. Once you know how they really do take no time at all to build.

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