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Well were back from Halifax. Was a good but long travel trip. The baby made a lot of the vacation hard since he was in a very fuss filled mood. Overall it was good and thats what counts. Even got a special preview visit of Cliff which was awesome. And ironically we gave him a tour of Halifax lol

Halifax got a lot of ideas going about career and the future. So I’m now actively looking at changing jobs. There is just no consistent future where I am right now. And I don’t really see IT as being my long term goal. This is why I am now working with Marie on opening an RPG / Game store like Levalet…just elsewhere. Now thats like woah but you know what, it was a dream then and it makes you happy. Thing is these days we compromise our dreams for wealth and the mundane.

So right now it’s flipping emails off to publishers and get the low down. We would setup an online store first as Marie needs to finish school and before a physical shop takes place we need to find a place somewhere (NOT QUEBEC!) that it will work well. Now I say not Quebec in huge caps because this place is just a drag. After Oshawa and Halifax and Newfoundland we have discovered quite easily that QC is the biggest collective group of assholes on this planet.

The idea in general is to have something for everyone game wise with a focus on RPG. Basically Levalet but lets make it better. Competitive Canadian prices and a reason to come back. So right now it’s the logistics of it all. Now were not sure about what name to put it under. I was thinking maybe the The RPG Hub but that would be more a group decision since it’s mainly aimed at being a blog and hotspot for reviews, Twitters, etc. Alternatively I was thinking of Rocket Wagon Games or Odin’s Beard lol I could see lot’s of fun stuff being had by all. Anyways, this is all in the works.

So guys, what is your ideal game store? What do other places don’t have that you would like to see?

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  1. My Ideal gaming store would be if Levalet, and Games Workshops merged with Capitaine Quebec. Levalet is a great RPG store with no comic book selection, but they do have board games and fun little knik knaks. CQ is a comic book store with a small collection of RPG stuff and a decent collection of “action figures”. If you had a store that offered an equal amount of all that stuff it would be great. You could also incorporate Warhammer and LOTR stuff. I guess you can throw card games in there too. That would be a great store becuase it offers everything. Which most stores don’t do, its either one or the other. Now that would be a great physical store. The problem with internet selling is its a credit card business for the most part, not everyone has one of those. Plus I think people like that fact that they can peruse the product before buying, something that can’t really be done online. The plus about online selling is that it gives you a chance to build a clientele, and you aren’t just limited to one city. I might be wrong about the online thing but overall that might be the best place to start I think.

  2. I have actually given this subject some thought as of late. I was actually kicking around the idea to one day open a hobby shop myself.

    The big thing is you desperately need to have something that will set you apart from the rest. It is hard to do everything. IE comics, rpg’s, tabletop wargaming, board games, action figures, model kits, etc…the financial means to be able to lay your hands on so much at a time is tough. This is why you see places like CQ eventually just specialize in one area. Capitaine Quebec used to have wider variety but eventually found that for them comics was the best deal.

    Ontario would be great because hobby stores are a big deal there. From what i have seen, not really a super informed opinion however, Ontario has a large hooby enthusiast population. Problem is, they already seem to have a thriving hobby store base. You would really need to be something unique to stand out.
    Same thing with opening up online, it is tough. It is hard to stand out when literally thousands of other people are already established. Need more then just a catchy name 😉

    In my opinion, your best to do the research first. Find an area where you can capitalize by opening a small place to start with minimal competition, or take over an existing business with existing clientele. Save going online until you already have a physical presence and a stable local reputation. In a business like this word of mouth is what will boost you up, can’t have that if people do not know who you are.

    Google comic shops, hobby stores, etc and your gonna get a lot of hits. Easier to make it if people start by actually looking for you online, rather then hoping they stumble across you by chance.

    It is not a bad idea though. The whole reason i got into photography was because i was sick of doing things i hated. Just wanted to do something that interested me. This is why i had also been thinking of maybe one day trying to run a hobby shop. Working on my warhammer stuff lately has been proving to me how much i truly enjoy doing that kind of stuff. And seeing how badly retail stores are run, i see how to do it better. One bonus to all my years in retail, i guess. Only problem would be the upstart costs.

  3. I think the success of Levalet is that it has something for everyone. And it works well but I think that they could improve elements.

    Competing with them in Montreal would be insane as they are already the go to people and the west island I think is close enough and smart enough to go to a Levalet store.

    Online is ok but again you need to have some stuff the others don’t. Putting yourself in a potential niche market (specialize in one area) will liable to get yourself shot in the foot.

    I am not sure about the Ontario region of RPG stores but from the hybrid comic / rpg store which we visited two various it wouldn’t be so bad to compete. I liked certain aspects but they were lacking in various areas. Either way both retail and online it will be all about price, product, service and marketability. Which is why you have to check with vendors to see what deals they can give you. Also were checking various properties and the rental fees.

    So yeah it will be a lot of research but you have to go in it all with the positive mindset that you can do it which is what I’m doing. Cause fuck yeah it will be awesome lol

  4. I think it sounds like a great idea, but as you both said, you definitely need to do some serious research into where you would open, and what the market would be in that area. As for a name, I’ve always been fond of Rocket Propelled Games.

  5. Right, and it’s a very, very tough business. With a crap economy right now, entertainment is usually the first thing to suffer, and that includes RPG purchases. Still, it would be seriously awesome.

  6. Yup I don’t see it happening for a good two years. Clear up stuff locally here, research / research / research, costing, plan of action, etc.

    But it will be done for good or ill. Then I can proudly say it was attempted lol

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