Meet our new family member

Well everyone, meet our new dog. A lot of things have been going on in the past month. Our oldest cat Zoe died as you all know and we have had continued problem with Eigan and his urinating everywhere. For Eigan it’s been pretty much since Lucas’s birth and a grown jealousy despite all the attention you give him. Being that it’s not clean or healthy environment for Lucas we are giving him away to a home where he might fit better. It’s really sad however it’s for the right reasons so he can be happier and Lucas is in a cleaner environment without having to watch every step.

This all led up to us looking for a dog as I wanted one for a LONG time. But Marie was uncomfortable with larger dogs as she was somewhat traumatize when she was younger. So we aimed for medium to small dogs. So I went on the hunt! I found lots of animal via Kijiji. Many are quite expensive which is an immediate turn off and many are older. We wanted a pup so he can grown along with Lucas and Tazo and learn to be comfortable without being jealous.

So we found one who will be arriving this afternoon here to my work for me to take home. She is about two months old and is a Pomeranian. It will be cool to have a travel friendly animal. Sometimes when they are too big travelling with them can be cumbersome but nope. Will be nice. No name yet. The debate rages on for the name. Was thinking maybe to continue our Full Metal Panic naming going on. Since we already have Chidori and Souskei birds why not Tessa for the dog. Hmmmm….


5 thoughts on “Meet our new family member”

  1. Pomeranians are cute dogs. You and Marie seem to like really furry pets, I’ve noticed. Congrats on the new member. If I ever get a small dog I would go for one, but I much prefer big dogs. I understand you and Lucas are allergic? what a way to find out.

  2. Well I had some problems with my asthma however I am not sure it’s related to the dog. I did some heavy house cleaning at the same period so had lots of dust in the house. So that does not help and it usually affects me.

    Also one of the cleaning products for animal stain remover leaves a horrid lingering smell. Strong smells for asthmatics is not good.

    I had two big dogs, been around little dogs and never had problems aside from minor skin irritation. So I don’t want to pin it on the dog yet. Lucas though is having a cold not to mention our yard is a breeding ground for pollen.

    Were seeing how things go and making adjustments to see how things work. But she is a cutey and she learns really fast. She is already trained for peeing on a pad and is almost done learning to sit.

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