The Guild

So, i ran across this today. Maybe people knew about it already, but watching it i was laughing pretty good. It’s an entire satire web show called the Guild, directed towards people addicted too WoW. It stars Felicia Day (Who is hot, and is actually addicted to WoW apparently. She is the girl in Dr. Horrible).

I first found:

Then there is the actual series. Season one is made up of 10 episodes, at about four to five minutes each. Can be found here at The Guild

Check it out if you haven’t seen it before.

5 thoughts on “The Guild”

  1. Thats pretty funny. I think I may have downloaded a lot of these on the xbox in HD. Ironically I have have an actually hankering for WoW. Don’t ask me why as I have no clue but I have felt the lingering pull to come and play.

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