What a week!

Man what an emotional rollercoaster ride this past week has been. For those that don’t know, Angie and I officially made an offer on a townhouse last Sunday. This very cute place in Vaudreuil-Dorion, it is actually really close to Cliff’s parents place. It has been a long week.

It all started with us making a slightly higher initial offer then we had really wanted. This was due to misinformation/misunderstanding from the sellers agent. Big confusion about an open house, we understood it as the place we wanted was going to have an open house and had other interested parties. So we were advised at this point to make are “best offer” and avoid any negotiations. In the long run we are still okay with that, nothing too major. So the seller accepted are offer, and then we found out the open house was on another property her agent was selling. Hence the confusion.

That aside, we were happy. Then it turns out our mortgage rep was on vacation. Our rep also just happened to forget to leave our file with her replacement, even after we explained to her we were in the process of looking at places and to leave our file accessible. Not amused. The replacement rep though was awesome, and finally got us what we needed. Although it made the fact that we had a pre-approved mortgage not work out as the huge time saver it should have been. Instead of a relaxed 3-4 days while waiting for the mortgage we had a hectic four days and scrambling to verify our pre-approval via multple faxes and stress.

Finally with all that settled, we did our inspection last night. The inspector was some chatty chinese fella, very nice, but very chatty. He even offered us helpful suggestions like “If you guys don’t like the paint, you can change it!” Good to know, never would have guessed!!! All in all though a good guy that was very helpful in walking us first time home buyers through an inspection.

All this has now officially led us to decide that we are gonna be taking the place, and as of Tuesday the final paper work will be signed. At least until we hit the notary a few days before we take possession to truly finalize the deal. We officially take possession August 29th. So anyone not busy on the 29th, we need to talk 😉 Pizza and beer for anyone that helps us move! Not much too move, just one really heavy desk and the rest is easy!

There is a perfect spot in the basement for my future warhammer table, and Angie has already given me the greenlight. So i’m hoping to have it all ready to go by the end of October. Maybe we could schedule in a halloween warhammer weekend 2 😉

The place is great overall, large kitchen, big yard, three bedrooms, soundproof hometheater basement, all in all a fantastic place. Can’t wait to show it off! 🙂

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