Bacon is good for me!

Reality TV is generally a wasteland, and it’s no different in this case, but this is just too funny/ridiculous not to post.

3 thoughts on “Bacon is good for me!”

  1. Shoot the child! Burn it with fire!

    …well i guess i wouldn’t shoot the child… In all honesty though if your child acts like that you have failed at being a parent.

    The kid needs a stern “NO!” and a good spanking.

  2. the problem with the show is they always go for the insane families and then match them with polar opposites. the bacon kid’s family was matched with a mom who never let’s her kids eat junk food, EVAR. she gets up a 3 in the morning to go for a run with her husband and the kids are enrolled in all kinds of extra curricular activities, like it or not.

    the father of said family was in the marines and now runs a bootcamp for fat mothers who want to lose weight.

    the kids family make dinner with bacon, pretty much every day from what i remember, could be wrong though. they didn’t have a single veggie in the house.

    it’s kinda sad that humans (americans) have reached a point where they think they don’t need vegetables…

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