Hubs and ashes and rising and things

After nearly a decade of being dead in the water, the old Montreal RPG Hub has risen from the ashes to become the RPG Hub! The site is still growing in features, and it might look a little rough around the edges, but the ball is rolling and things are happening *snaps fingers in the air*.

If you’d like to be an author, let me know. Furthermore, if you’d simply like to be a moderator (comments, forums), let me know. Otherwise, you’re free to create your own account and join in the community like any other.

This site is still for personal things, crazy stuff we find on the internet, and for video games and technology. The Hub is for RPGs, Board Games, etc.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Hubs and ashes and rising and things”

  1. I have ideas for things to write and what not, but i have very little time right now.

    Didn’t really know what was going on with this anyways, never heard much about it.

    If/When i have some extra time i’ll write up some stuff. I’d like to be a part of this, but everyone seems lost in the twitter side of things. I really don’t think i have the time or energy for another social networking thing.

    All in all we can leave it at a simple, i’ll do what i can when i can to help out.

    Spiffy site, interested to see how it grows.

  2. That’s fine, and that’s the capacity that I’m updating it in (other than being technical support and Carl’s editor). The beauty of it is that the Twitter component is largely automated. You post, it Tweets. Simple as that. 🙂

    Even if you can’t write, it’d still be handy to check in on the forums (whenever they have people posting in them) and do a bit of moderation from time to time, where needed.

  3. Yeah I think the Hub site was just a matter of we do it now or never. And with the twitter integration it’s much easier for news reporting. So considering the Ravenloft PBEM wiki is moving it’s way over there and the already existing twitter it was a logical extension for visibility.

  4. Also it was pretty much very quickly put up. I asked Curt what domain we should use and then went out and registered it. He registered the .org and .net domains. Then Curt spent his time at work setting everything up so we could post.

    Was fun in that we totally ignored our jobs for like a day and a bit to test and configure things. lol

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