What’s Going On?

How goes it guys? Hope things are well. Thing have been busy on my end as of late but otherwise hanging in there. Work has been actually between busy and boring. It fluctuates really depending the day or week. Some weeks there are nothing, other weeks are running around. Things are home are busy. Trying to keep things clean as we have been running around a lot during the past month. It’s incredible all the doctors appointsments, vaccinations, etc that pop up. Suffice it to say I have been dead tired, emotionally tired and in a slump. It’s not that it’s all bad mind you but just when all you do or see is work it’s hard to find the bright spots.

I’m sad to say that my grandmother who was bleeding internally has been given one week to live. I have been a bit upset about it but it only really hit me last night since I have been visiting with Lucas since my car is in the garage and no moving on to lifts from Marie or parents. Seeing someone slip away each day is unsettling. There is the option of a blood transfusion however if they cannot fix the bleeding then this will repeat itself and during the whole ordeal she may just loose the strength she needs.

So thats been also a downer. The Hub is doing great if people have been checking out. Lots of stories and even started some reviews on it. On the twitter side we have new followers and getting mentions but other news sites. So thats positive progress right. I’m looking forward to our friday get together. I am anxious to try out Descent. I found the quest guide and manual so reading through the manual. I hope it turns out to be an epic boardgame. I would like to get reviews done for them all to help buff up the hub and well, just have fun playing.

I might have a new PC on the way. Working on the details but should be able to get one “soon”. The car is spending a week and a half in the garage. They are going to remove all the rust from the bottom of the card while working on the bushings, shocks, etc. It’s a much needed job to be done and one step closers to getting the car to where it should be. I have been slowly painting interior pieces in the garage. It’s turning out well however I am using a white color so it takes lots of coats. You think warhammer would have taught me. I think the style ones brought into the car will look good. It will be sporty and stylish. It’s just hard to say with them not in there. However when the car comes back I will strip the interior moldings, seats, etc and get to work on fixing those up.

Looking at maybe another car for the winter but that’s up in the air. Just that convenience wise having one would be a real help with the baby. So yeah thats it from my end really. How about everyone else? Curt your married yet? 😉

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  1. Haha, no, we’re not quite married yet! Give it time! 😀

    I’m sorry to hear about your grandmother. That really blows. We’re here if you need us, as always.

    As for what’s new? I’ve been SUPER busy with work, which is why I haven’t been on Google Talk much, actually. We’re in the last phase of a project and there’s all kinds of little things that need fixing before we’re done, so I’m swamped with that.

    Outside of work, however, Amanda and I have been building an online store of nerdy shirts and things for people to buy. I’ll share it with you guys when we’ve got more stuff up there. 🙂

    In addition to that, there’s been a ton of gaming going on as always. I finished Uncharted 2, which was awesome. My Dad really liked the game and just about watched the entire play through. I’m now over half way through Brutal Legend and I’m loving it. The RTS elements can be a bit clunky and confusing, but it’s such a brilliant world that I don’t mind a few hiccups. Amanda’s been playing Fable 2, and is nearing the end in that, but it’s got me hooked again, so I started playing it again last night. I’m also back to The Witcher, and it’s a great game. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a very good RPG. I’m hoping I stick with it until completion.

    And that’s about that, really.

  2. Well lets see,

    First off Descent is AWESOME! Had a blast last night playing that and i cannot wait for another go at it in 2 weeks! Curt, seriously, once you try it it will be “Heroquest? whats that?” Heroquest will always be epic in my mind, however Descent has really taken the best parts and built more on top of it.

    Also really looking forward to Arkham Horror next weekend. All looks good for us getting it prepped on Friday, that way Saturday night we can jump right into it and do some damage. Will be nice too play with so many people.

    Life wise, as usual, job blows. I know they are going to try and fire me and the rest of the old employee’s soon. You can feel it in the air. I applied for an assistant photographer job…they had actual photographer positions available too, but wouldn’t mind shadowing someone for a bit if possible. Get my ‘sea legs” as it were. But that didn’t seem to pan out. Never even heard back from them, and now the posting has vanished. Sigh.

    Hoping that once school is done in a few weeks i can scrape something together, build a web site and see about selling some prints in the future. Get the ball rolling on that. I could really see myself having a little studio somewhere. Studio work is pretty fun. But i know my heart will really be on landscape photography.

    Otherwise I am broke. Been in the negatives so long i don’t even know what a plus sign looks like anymore.

    Did get the chance to take my niece and nephew too see Astroboy though. I enjoyed it, i really did! It was not as childish as i thought they would make it. Pretty mature. Some critic was bashing it on sci-fi wire the other day, but aside from Nicholas Cage’s dry voice acting abilities i thought it was very well constructed.

    Anyways, that’s about it for now. Time to go wrap up the post photoshop work on my last project, it’s due Monday. Then i can relax for about 48 hours, until Tuesday night when i find out what the specifics on my last photography project that will be due late November. Then, by the will of the gods, i will atleast have a diploma in something! WOOT!

  3. Sorry to hear about your grandmother, at least you get to spend time with her and get to say goodbye.

    Well the time to sail has arrived, we leave tomorrow noonish which is a Sunday, it really sucks leaving on a weekend day. They say that when we get going to time really flys, I hope so.
    I don’t expect much trouble from those annoying pirates, they usually prey on unarmed merchant ships, I don’t see them trying to attack us. We know what to do if they decide to have a go though. Other than that work has been really busy the last week things keep breaking and we try to get them fixed as fast as possible, fortunetly she has held together long enough for us to have had Friday off which is good. I hope you all have fun during the Halloween get together, and one day Curt I will get to officially meet Amanda in person. Hopefully when I get back we can all get together and do something, not Warhammer because I don’t have an army yet but something. See you all in May. I will keep you all updated about the places I visit.

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