Hey guys, how goes it? I’m not doing too bad all considering. Been a bit of a rough period of time. Been lots of activities, preparing for the holidays and then of course the recent passing of my grandmother. In all while the last is sad it’s also comes as positive as it was for the best overall due to her condition as well as allowing my mother to enjoy life. The funeral is tomorrow and burial saturday so had to work a bit extra to compensate for the time.

In other news I really enjoyed our friday night get together. It was a blast and Runebound was a very good game. Just haven’t had too much time to write the review up but it’s on the way with pictures to boot. Yay!! The Hub is going strong which I am happy about and to add a bit more excitement to the mix I am pleased to announce that Bioware is following our Twitter. While that may not seem that impressive it’s good exposure and just damn cool in my opinion.

On the side have been thinking about increasing our friday night get togethers. Seeing how feasible it is which thus far seem’s quite feasible. Looking forward to getting some at the table role playing going and potentially with Curt depending on his availability. I am brushing up on the Exalted stuff I had, preparing play aids and delving into adjusting Fantasy Grounds. So things are moving. I think it’s just something that NEEDS to be done.

So thats what’s going on over on my side. How are things going with everyone else?


Holy shit! This is seriously awesome. Jaroo is a new site that lets you watch cartoons online, and they’ve got A LOT of them! Of particular interest, they’ve got Zelda, Captain N, and StarCom. Hopefully more will be added later.