Hey guys, how goes it? I’m not doing too bad all considering. Been a bit of a rough period of time. Been lots of activities, preparing for the holidays and then of course the recent passing of my grandmother. In all while the last is sad it’s also comes as positive as it was for the best overall due to her condition as well as allowing my mother to enjoy life. The funeral is tomorrow and burial saturday so had to work a bit extra to compensate for the time.

In other news I really enjoyed our friday night get together. It was a blast and Runebound was a very good game. Just haven’t had too much time to write the review up but it’s on the way with pictures to boot. Yay!! The Hub is going strong which I am happy about and to add a bit more excitement to the mix I am pleased to announce that Bioware is following our Twitter. While that may not seem that impressive it’s good exposure and just damn cool in my opinion.

On the side have been thinking about increasing our friday night get togethers. Seeing how feasible it is which thus far seem’s quite feasible. Looking forward to getting some at the table role playing going and potentially with Curt depending on his availability. I am brushing up on the Exalted stuff I had, preparing play aids and delving into adjusting Fantasy Grounds. So things are moving. I think it’s just something that NEEDS to be done.

So thats what’s going on over on my side. How are things going with everyone else?

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  1. Glad to hear your hanging in there Carl. It’s always tough when loved ones pass away.

    Speaking of increasing our Friday night get togethers I was actually thinking the same thing. I was gonna ask if you and/or John were free tomorrow night for hanging out and watching movies, or maybe even playing a little magic at my place. I just can’t wait until next Friday! lol.

    I got my Blue deck with some black in it, a few boosters, and my co-worker tossed me a few cards to bolster me a bit. I even managed to snag a rare in one of my boosters. Been talking so much Magic the last few days i’m pretty pumped about it!

    It has been one of the only highlights lately though. Work, as usual sucks. I know, I know. Everyone is probably sick of hearing that, but just when I think it can’t get worse or it may even be getting better a whole new bag of %^@# tears open.

    I have also been watching my bank account dwindle away. I don’t even think my next pay check will bring me back into the positives, and my credit card is now way over it’s limit…stupid teeth needing to be filled…

    Actually been fighting a small bout of depression due in part to the money thing. I have almost no interest in my class right now and I have my project due on Tuesday. All I want to do is come home everyday, flop down on the couch and not move until bed time…What makes it worse is it doesn’t really seem like Angie is trying to be understanding about the whole thing…

    Just feels like I’m watching almost every aspect of my life slowly start to fall apart. Yeah, yeah, maybe that’s a tad overly dramatic but all I gotta say to that is…well i’m not sure exactly, but something ;p

    Now that I have blah blahed all my crazy out i’m gonna go make some diner! Woot!


  2. As I said on Facebook, Carl: my condolences in regard to your grandmother. I think we all know quite well that we’re all here to support one another if anyone needs it.

    And we’re not sick of hearing about how your job sucks, Neil. It’s good to vent, and with a job like that it’s critical! I can understand feeling a bit depressed, but hang in there, I know you can. You’re VERY talented with your photography and you’re going to be a picture-taking superstar soon enough. It’s awesome that you guys are so addicted to Magic. I’m keeping it well at arm’s length, though. I’ve got enough expensive hobbies as it is. 😉

    As for me, I’ve been so busy with work that I feel like I’ve been running non-stop for over a month. It’s because of this that I haven’t gone onto Google Talk in weeks now as I’m doing my best to focus on work. Thankfully, it’s FINALLY reaching completion, so I have more time to poke my head up and take a look around.

    Beyond work and setting up the Zazzle store with Amanda, I’ve been doing a lot of videogaming. I finished Brutal Legend this past weekend and loved every minute of it. Being that I knew it was an Action RTS going into it, I wasn’t surprised or upset that it was when I played it. Outside of that, I’ve also been playing Forza Motorsport 3 and holy crap this game is huge! It’s going to take forever to finish, but that’s fine by me. It works well as a game to play for short periods of time, much like Rock Band. Lastly, I’ve been playing quite a lot of Dragon Age and it’s awesome. It’s basically like an updated version of Baldur’s Gate without the Realms or D&D. While it was very cool that Mass Effect’s main character was fully voiced, I see the merits of having the main character be silent in this game, as the dialog is much more engaging because there’s so much more you can say, so to speak (har har!).

    Outside of videogames, I’m having fun running Trail of Cthulhu (however sporadically played and low-player it’s been), but I’m looking forward to running something a bit more high action now. With Dragon Age, I’m actually mostly leaning towards a new D&D game. I was flipping through the Eberron campaign setting the other night and I thought it might be fun to do things a little differently for the next game. I LOVED the site-based campaign with Mossmantle, and I’d love to do the same sort of thing again, but this time I think it’d be fun to let you guys choose the locale. Could the campaign be in the Mror Holds, with an all-dwarf party? Or would it be in the Lhazaar Principalities with a bunch of pirates? Maybe even good old classical fantasy Breland? Or even still the city-based exploits of Sharn? Obviously, this’ll require a little more effort on your part as players, but I think it’ll be ultimately more interesting, rewarding, and personalized. 🙂

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