Watch out! …Radioactiveman!!!

Ok, so I have once again caught massive Warhammer fever! WOOT! It has been steadily growing the last couple of weeks and now it has hit. I broke out my warhammer stuff today and got back too building. The warforges are burning once more.

I started off by planning the terrain piece build I have been dreaming of for a good long while now. Have the basic plans/outline in my head all set and will most likely start it this week. After that I got back to getting my Necron Monolith clipped, trimmed, and ready for assembly. Should have it all together and primed by the end of tomorrow. Would have it done today, but we have a dinner to go too…sigh. lol. Been spending soooooo much time on for all the inspiration I needed. Watched a few awesome battle reports and I was sold.

I will also be getting my first dose of Warmachine soon. Now that members get reward points every month that turns into a free gift every month, or accumulates into one big gift over a few months, I will be getting some free Warmachine warjacks with my next order. I have 8 months worth of points to spend on free stuff, HURRAY FOR FREE STUFF! Can’t wait to roll out some steam powered mecha in the future.

All this has also gotten me starting to plan my next Warhammer weekend (one day to be wargaming weekend ;p) at my place. The game room is prepped I just need to do some repairs on models dinged in the move and finish off some things I still need to build, then grind out terrain. I would like to maybe try and do it either really late spring or early/mid summer. I know it could be tough with Chris’s wedding and all already being around then, but we all get a few long weekends around that time also. I was thinking maybe evening doing it Canada day weekend if people had no other patriotic plans ;p This would give us all plenty of time to get back into the saddle and prep our armies in time.

Anyways, let me know what you guys think and if things work time wise for ya. If not lets start debating and suggesting a weekend that would be best for everyone!


Jailbreak: Source

Does anyone remember the old Jailbreak mod from Quake/Quake 2? If not, the idea is that every opponent you kill appears in your team’s jail. Once all are captured, you win the game. Those in the jail can be rescued by their teammates or try and break out themselves.

This Source version of it looks completely and utterly insane, and that’s awesome (and using Thin Lizzy for the music is awesome too)!

via Rock, Paper, Shotgun

Team William – You Look Familiar

Here’s a cool one for the Monday Music Video this week. I discovered it over on Cartoon Brew, where they were mostly talking about the animation (which is a nod to old animation from the 30s), but the music itself is pretty good too! The video is every so mildly NSFW (just in case someone’s REALLY sensitive). Enjoy!

Two Gentlemen of Lebowski

What if William Shakespeare wrote The Big Lebowski?

[The bowling green. Enter THE KNAVE, WALTER and DONALD, to play at ninepins]

In sooth, then, faithful friend, this was a rug of value? Thou wouldst call it not a rug among ordinary rugs, but a rug of purpose? A star in a firmament, in step with the fashion alike to the Whitsun morris-dance? A worthy rug, a rug of consequence, sir?

It was of consequence, I should think; verily, it tied the room together, gather’d its qualities as the sweet lovers’ spring grass doth the morning dew or the rough scythe the first of autumn harvests. It sat between the four sides of the room, making substance of a square, respecting each wall in equal harmony, in geometer’s cap; a great reckoning in a little room. Verily, it transform’d the room from the space between four walls presented, to the harbour of a man’s monarchy.

Indeed, a rug of value; an estimable rug, an honour’d rug; O unhappy rug, that should live to cover such days!

Of what dost thou speak, that tied the room together, Knave? Take pains, for I would well hear of that which tied the room together.

Didst thou attend the Knave’s tragic history, Sir Donald?

Nay, good Sir Walter, I was a-bowling.

Thou attend’st not; and so thou hast no frame of reference. Thou art as a child, wandering and strutting amidst the groundlings as a play is in session, heeding not the poor players, their exits and their entrances, and, wanting to know the subject of the story, asking which is the lover and which the tyrant.

Come to the point, Sir Walter.

My point, then, Knave; there be no reason, if sweet reason doth permit, in enlightenment’s bower—and reason says thou art the worthier man—

Yes, Sir Walter, pray, merrily state the fulcrum of thy argument.

My colleague, although unfram’d and unreferenc’d, speaks plain and true. That these toughs are those at fault, we are agreed; that I stand wounded, unrevenged, we likewise are agreed; yet you circle the meanings unconstantly, like blunted burrs, unstuck where they are thrown.

Read the rest here: Two Gentlemen of Lebowski.