Loss of a loved one…

I have kind of kept it on the down low, not really saying much about it. But Bonnie has been really sick the last 2 months, since right around Christmas. It was a mast cell tumor on her back right flank. She has been on a series of meds to help shrink the tumor so that it could be operable as it was too large to be operated on at the time. Things seemed to be going well, although the mass was not really shrinking in size.

Last week, the mass grew again. This time it expanded around back towards her colon and even pushed her tail out of place. Her discomfort began to grow, but she seemed in good spirits. She was full of energy and life up until Friday…Friday morning she was sick. She had been chewing on my socks and even eaten a small bit, so we believed (hoped) that was all it was. We were wrong. By the end of Friday it was apparent she was losing the battle. This morning she could not stand or walk on her own, she refused to eat, we had to force her to drink water by feeding her through a syringe, and she was whimpering in pain.

So this morning we rushed her to the vet, hoping anything could be done. Turns out Jaundice had set in, most likely due to the condition she was in from the tumor and the meds. So at 12:05pm today Bonnie passed away at the Sources Animal Hospital. It has been one of the hardest and most heart wrenching things to deal with as late. It is never easy losing those you love. Bonnie was like a young sibling or even a daughter to me. No matter how much you try to prepare yourself for something like this it doesn’t help, at all…The house will seem empty without her.

Rest in peace Bonnie, there is now no more pain for you to endure. Thank you for coming into my life and bringing me so much joy.

4 thoughts on “Loss of a loved one…”

  1. My sincerest condolences. 🙁 It’s the worst part about having a pet, but thankfully it’s far outweighed by all the good they bring into our lives. We are as lucky to have them as they are to have us.

  2. Thanks. It is true, the happiness they bring is definitely worth it. I will always want to have a pet in my family and I know in the future I will have another. It will just take some time for this wound to close so that I can get to that point.

  3. My condolences as well, we all know the pain of losing a pet and it can really be like losing a member of the family. I completely agree, that the hardest part of having a pet is outliving them, but their presence really is worth the pain of their abscence. Hang in there dude, we’ll all miss Bonnie, but remember her fondly.

  4. Definitely sorry to hear about Bonnie and my condolences as well. I know it’s not easy losing loved ones even of the animal variety. They do feel like our children as they are with us every day and will be in our hearts forever.

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