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So it’s been awhile since I talked about the good old Camaro. Or maybe not lol I have no idea. With the winter I have been kind of sitting on things since there is not much I can do to it. I managed to find one of the warmer days a month ago to rip out the interior. I started from the back moving forward. Took out the seats, the panels and then moved on to the front seats.

The front seats I knew were an issue. For one that track was rusted like hell which is not good. Next the passenger seat shaked so a bolt was not holding the seat track right. This would be caused by the seat track on one side being rusted that it partially broke. Next the upholstery was fucked. The vinyl was in good shape but the material itself is not good having tears in it. And the foam was aged but still ok. Looking online I found that I could buy new upholstery for about $400 for the front and back seats. That is not bad but still quite a chunk of change as it doesn’t solve my seat track problem. New tracks go for about $70 a piece if your lucky and well if you want to replace the foam that is also an extra $120 a seat. So in all it was a bigger investment then I wanted to do. But I need to do something.

I managed to find some modern racer seats that somewhat have the similar shape and look as the old ones. They also came with new custom seat tracks. This sold me on them immediately. I would have a color I was going for (white + black) have both front seats and the seat tracks. Definitely a win. I figure I can look at maybe repairing the older seats and ebaying them off without the seat tracks obviously.

I then decided that the carpet bothered me. The guy previously installed his own carper. It did not end where it was supposed to in the front and on the drivers side it was not sealed correctly so it was sticking up. I also had a fear that there was something with the floor. I had already found a hole in the back which I can repair with some Bondo however I had an iching feeling there could be other holes. OMG!!

Rusted Rear Floor

Rusted Floor Front Drivers Side

I tore up the carper to find there were lovely huge rush stains. I looked to see another insulating carper totally rust covered. Lifting it up my fears were correct. All floor sections were totally and completely rusted. The individual had attempted to install a floor pan in two sections however he did not seem to use the appropriate floor pan nor did he weld the pans in. He seemed to have used a strong sealant. Yes it was just like caulking. I poked it with my screw driver and to my horror was able to begin penetrating into the goo. I started to laugh. If I learned anything about this project is that expect anything, prepare for the worst and you won’t be mad. So I got some giggles out of it but at the same time I worried about the set back. I am tight on budget at the moment having bough many replacement pieces so replacing my floor seemed an expensive ordeal, Not just because of the floor mind you but because the carpet also needed changing.

Thank the gods for the internet. I managed to find via ebay a store in Detroit that had new floor pans for me and for pretty cheap too and cheap shipping. Soooo I ordered that. Parts should arrive within a week or two and car will immediately get brought to the shop for welding. Unfortunately I do not have access nor the skill to do that work yet.

So that aside I began ripping the dash apart to see what other surprises lurked. So far all is good and I am inspecting the wiring. I discovered 2 wires uncovered and “live” which is baffling. Considering I need to run the security system and rewire to accomodate Ripping things down to the basics is a must. I also managed to get ahold of a GM factory manual for the car which has an exploded view of the car with just about every option available. It’s pretty cool and should help me figure things out.

The doors are about done. I am doing some touch ups as some of the tape I used was a tad to strong and pulled some bits off which was annoying. The car will look pretty fly with the white and black interior…I think. I might adjust when putting it all together. I could have gone totally original colored interior but I wanted something a bit more modern while still being classic.

I got a new power steering gearbox. It’s a pretty heavy piece of equipment. I was surprised as it’s rather small but that should solve the last of the car leaks. I also got a new tail light panel. This is essentially the floor of the trunk.It also supports the gas tank. Mine is rotted out mostly so very very important to have something supporting your gas tank. I also received a new car horn as well as a new interior mirror.

I have a few more odds and ends to pick up but I am pacing it out as much as possible. I am looking at a night time mechanics course similar to what my brother is taking. I have picked up some books recently on restoring cars and been enjoying it plus with what I have been doing physically to the car. So might pursue that when Marie is done her school. I am looking for another line of work to potentially fall back on down the road as an alternative career. Who knows

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  1. Glad to hear things are moving along. Can’t wait to check it out after all the new parts get installed. It will be pretty damn sweet.

    I have been checking out doing the same with an automotive mechanics course. There is a lester b pearson school in the west island that offers a mechanics course similar to the one your brother is doing. I am thinking I may do it once I wrap up school at concordia now that I have my photography diploma.

    I have lots of plans though, so I may wait for the fall and start it then. I really want to push the photography and see what I can do. In may the flea market circuit starts again, I may setup shop with my sister’s jewelry stand and see what I can sell. Gives me a month or so to get more photo’s processed, printed, and framed.

    But yeah, My dream is to do what your doing now. Buy a classic, and rebuild it slowly over a couple of years. A real investment. I have always wanted to do it. Hell if you haven’t started a course by the fall then maybe we can take the course together. Would be cool.

    Keep it up, man!

  2. The camaro should mostly be done by Chris’s wedding which would be awesome. It’s been a fun project but on one hand I really would like to know more about the mechanic aspect. I learned a lot by online and books plus tinkering but not as much as I would have liked to.

    And yeah the school your talking about is the one my brother goes to. I was looking for night courses but the only ones that offer night mechanic courses are in Montreal North which is just insane schedule wise. I talked to Marie about it so yeah like I would aim to do it in the fall or late summer depending their program. Also we need to work finances out a bit.

    I could do some side techie stuff but funny as this sounds ideally it would be awesome to be let go so as I can get unemployment insurance lol But I am sure we will work something out as I am super excited about it. I have even been looking at othe older cars to work on. I just love the idea of fixing up old cars. It’s very rewarding.

    But definitely if things turn out it would be awesome to do the program together.

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