OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

This week’s Monday Music Video has a bit of a storied history. If you’re at all familiar with OK Go, their popularity was really springboarded by people sharing their previous videos. Since their last album, however, the music industry has become a bit more tight and controlling of content, and disables embedding of music videos from YouTube. God forbid it ends up in the wrong hands! Or something. In reality it’s so the publisher can get a cut of the profits from ads, which they wouldn’t get if the video was embedded. So, naturally, when OK Go’s newest video hits the net, EMI disables embedding, thereby drastically reducing the audience that will ever see the brilliant video they made. This, obviously, caused a bit of a fight between the band and the publisher, ultimately resulting in the band going independent. But just before they went indie (again), they made a second version of the non-embeddable video. This time, State Farm sponsored it so that it could be embedded. Here’s that video.

And if you’d like to see the original, it’s here.

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