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Well it’s been a little while since I last car chatted. Been working more on the interior of the car since ripping out most of the interior. I decided to do a bit of a color change to my original idea. I decided to do a more classic restoration rather then try to hip things up. I think I just looked at too many shows and decided to respect more the classic interior. That being said I decided to go with a tan interior. My chairs kind of prompted also the color change to this mind you. They arrived as an off white rather then the white I wanted. I was bordering on beige and I kind of liked it so was like maybe this would be more interesting.

So I decided to go tan so off I went and bought some paint and most of the trim is now done. I am working on the chairs right now. The front seats will be the tan with a black middle. The middle is made of suede so was to not paint on that as it’s not your typical factory nylon. So were getting there. Meanwhile I ordered a caramel carpet which looks great. I also got a new OEM shifter plate as mine was finished and now also working on the gauges. I spruced up the gauges a bit to use a white decal which has factory fonts with LED lights which will consume less power and offer a much needed brightness to the dash cluster. Previously in the dark even when the dash lights were on, it would be a murky yellow white light which really didn’t help illuminate much.

I have most of the electrical in the car labeled at this point. Some wiring I am still trying to figure out as I am not sure if it was a standard wiring kit that included clips for other options or am I missing something. So going through the schematics to figure all that out. Will get new fuses so were fresh and will need to get some new wiring so I can patch a few breaks.

As you can tell I move from area to area as I go with the weather. If it’s nice I work on the car outside and might do painting at the same time. Otherwise I work on what I can inside and go from there. Oh god I wish I had a large garage. It is really driving me crazy have a smaller garage. We thought of expanding it but we have the bathroom and washer/dryer area behind the other side of the wall so essentially we would have to expand and shift the whole rear of the house to accommodate the change. So not sure what we will do, things to think about for the future.

I got my ram induction kit last night for my engine. Hello turbo charging! It came really dirty so will need to clean it up. There is some rust which will need to get cleaned off on the interior and two other sections but otherwise it will look great. When I have it clean I will give it a good coat of paint and then try to figure out how the fuck to install it LOL I have a copy of the original GM factory construction manual which includes all options for the camaro but it’s still not always clear. But I am still very happy.

Speaking of rust I started using a biodegradable rust remover. I was skeptical when I bought it as most rust removers are chemical. But a bottle was $10 and I am somewhat environmentally conscious so decided to try it out. Why not right? Well it freaking works wonders. I decided to test it out on the side panel ash trays which had a tad of rust as well as my cigarette lighter which had substantial rust on it. I left it there for a good two days submersed and took it out last night to brand new looking parts. Was very pleased with it all. A bottle equals roughly a half liter and basically you use it till the liquid turns black. From there you can dump down a drain or even in a sewer and it’s all good. So I am very excited about this product.

I got my front floor pans but still waiting for the rear floor pans. Once those are in I can go and get it into the shop and get the ball rolling. I really want them in asap as I want to get this car on the road tearing it up in the summer. It’s been awesome weather so would like to be able to take advantage of it. Anyways I will take some more pictures and I am even going to do a video tour of the restoration so far.

Update 1: It seem’s the rear floor pans for some reason were stuck at custom for whatever reason, therefore I should receive them probably early next week as they were released finally.

Update 2: Started cleaning the air induction. Wow, talk about grime. Normally when you buy parts, the person tends to clean them up before shipping it out to you. Not the case here it seem. I would love it if I had a blasting kit as I could then sandblast it or even soda blast it clean. However money wise I cannot do that so scrubbing it with for wax / grease remover and even sanding sections down with a 220 grit. The idea is to clean it off as much ass possible so I can paint it. Oh and for a little info, the part is from an 84 pontiac firebird however it is compatible with my engine. I may need to buy a few extra parts but trying to overall figure it’s install out. Most of it is intuitive however how it links up with the cowl is a whole other story.

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