What up?

Hey guys, hope all is well in your corners.

The car is slowly moving along. Trying to get it in the shop within the next week to redo the floor. Once that is done things will move along much quicker. Most trim have been totally repainted. I am more working on the seats right now which is turning out quite well. I managed to get some matching seat belts recently by purchasing brand new ones. Ouch, they were expensive. Probably paid more for those then my seats which is scary. However the used ones were no longer the color they should be and that is not counting the fact most of them were all damaged in some way. So in the end it was better to just pay it and be happy. I also managed to get a front dual oem speaker. Back in the day you have one speaker in the front under the dash grill and it was mono. So I found a stereo equivalent to go there. I just did not want to cut holes in my door panels again. The same went for the rear package tray. My current one is all torn up. So I decided to get a new package tray but with mesh. Basically you have tiny holes cut where the speaker goes. You then need special clamps for your rear speaker. That way it does not show and everything looks nice and clean.

The more I go over the car the more confusing it gets. Had a berlinetta engine, features like the power windows, etc but had Z28 door panels and dash gauges. I noticed the gauge part just this week as I was browsing ebay. I always knew there was another dash gauge type but was not more concerned with it at the time till I realized that was the berlinetta one which for 81 had the beginnings of digital layout. Your voltmeter, gas, temp, clock were digital while speedometer and tac were standard gauges. Not sure if I will go full resto with that but I am considering it. It’s more an afterthought for later. Not exactly the most important thing needed.

I got also some insulation for the carpet which is always good. Also something that is very cool is that I got original berlinetta hub caps. While I currently have 15 inch cragar rims, they are rusted and need some love. The hub caps are 14 inch so would need the appropriate tires and rims. So I figure I will do that but that will also wait since that is a big investment right there. Again, more important things to do.

So aside from that been working on the lawn. Like it or not I have to get it done. Had Cliff help me but we only got it partially done. We did a good stretch. It’s just a lot of weeding. I have friday off so will bang away at what I can that day. Order another truck of dirt and level it all out. Hopefully if all goes well I can get to planting grass. Will do my best. Once that’s done then it’s fence time. Been check out prices. It’s pretty expensive because of the post installation. About $200 per post to have it done by someone. So I will probably by the walls pre fabricated at rona and then do the posts myself and install.

The Humble Indie Bundle

This is too good of a deal to pass up. Here are some awesome indie games and you get them all for whatever you want to pay. The money can either go to charity (Child’s Play in particular), the developers, or be evenly split between the two. Right off the bat, I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of World of Goo, Aquaria, and Penumbra Overture; and I’ve heard good things about Gish.

The Humble Indie Bundle (pay what you want for five awesome indie games)