Holy Fuck – Latin America

No, I’m not just swearing for the fun of it. The band name is Holy Fuck, and they’re an electronica band from Toronto. The song is very cool and energetic, and the video has a nice summery vibe, which I think is quite appropriate for this week’s Monday Music Video given the weather we’ve been having lately. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Holy Fuck – Latin America”

  1. I picked this CD up on Friday, I didn’t realize they were the Monday Music video until after. I was intrigued by the name of the Band. That and they had a demo of it set up. Its a pretty awesome CD. I find that most of the bands that don’t sing I like. Not because they don’t sing but because for the most part they have a good sounding song. My favourite of this type being Explosions in the Sky, they have a pretty melo relaxing sound.

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