Grumble Grumble Grumble

Ach! I’m telling you for those wanting to weld, jesus it is a pain. So I bought a mastercraft MIG / Flux welder. Comes with cheapy flux wire and you can use a standard outlet. I gave it a shot recently but realized that it was not as efficient for two reasons. One is because the recommend not using an extension and the voltage fluctuations can cause inconsistent welds. The other is that MIG is superior to flux but requires a specialized industrial gas which is a mix of Argon and CO2.

So I dug around and found one place that offers this for residential people like myself but it was in the ass end of nowhere in north Montreal. It also costed a lot as I had to buy the tank initially and from there I can refill it cheaply and it gets delivered to my door. Basically they bring you a new tank and take the empty one. Ok cool. Then I have to buy a regulator as we cannot let argon and CO2 run freely. Ok so buy a regulator. Now need a proper mig wire, so I get that. Finally I get home and start setting everything up but the tube for my welder is too small for the male end of the hose from the tank. So now I need an adaptor. Like arg!! LOL

It’s somewhat humerous because it’s just one thing after another. I call them learning lessons to keep my mood optimistic. Also I was prepping the enging for starting. My gear head neighbour came by and suggested some engine tune up tips. So hey why not. That went well but then when trying to start the car…FACEPALM…

I will pass on some words of advice which may seem obvious but sometimes we just do not thing of them. When you have a battery on a seasonal car it tends to lose it’s juice over a long period of non use. Normally what I should have done is purchased a trickle charger which recharges your battery and then keeps it charge without overcharging it for however long required. So now I must go and do this. Luckily my neighbour has one somewhere. He still isn’t done unpacking so I may have to pick one up. But still just one of those annoyances.

In all it’s just a case of learning what supplies are needed and learning some things along the way that should be done. I think it’s just the fact the floors are something I have been wanting to get off my list so it’s just hanging there annoyingly. Anyways, always check your tube sizes and get trickle chargers for your future vintage cars on their off season.

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