Progress is progress

Well school has officially started. Began last monday. Was a bit nervous heading in kind of like that first day of school feeling we would get when younger. So far it’s just an introduction so not a whole lot interesting but hey at least it has started.

As for my work on the camaro things have progressed. As I mentioned I had a carburator fire and then a bunch of melted wires. So I went out and bought new battery wires. The negative wire was a bit of a pain as it was setup behind a large pin which was behind the alternator. The positive wire was a whole lot more of a pain in the butt. It was attached to the started which was on the bottom of the engine in a small nook. I had to take off the exhaust headers on one side to reach it.

Finally with all that done I verified the distributer plugs and make sure they were in the proper firing order. Thank the internets for that info. Finally it was go time. With everything all back installed I started the engine. At first I had a bit of trouble but finally as fluid made it’s way through the system it started fine…and then…stalled. It seem’s that I can start the engine and as long as the peddle is being pressed it will run but ease off and it stalls. After some researching it seem’s to point to the carburator. That would make sense due to that whole fire thing I had. I have some things to check on it to try and resolve the issue without forking over a bunch for a new one.

So we have some positive progress going on at least. Hopefully I can cheaply fix my idle issue.

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