School at last

Well things are finally rolling along. Got school next monday which I am pretty excited about. The thing about sitting on your butt for two months is that yes it is kinda good but on the other hand you go a tad crazy. Going to the Metro is an exciting adventure. I went to visit the school a week ago as a mandatory thing and it was really interesting. Well interesting in the sense that I got to explore the facilities. It’s pretty well setup. For instance there is a room with engines on racks with batteries and small oil and gas tanks with a little keyoard. The teach will press random keys and it causes a problem which we will then have to diagnose.

While I am excited about the school an the topics it’s still a whole change in profession and somewhat intimidating since it’s all new material. But it will be fun at least. Finally some challenge.

I got a notice from the town to complete my car or remove it. Being that it is older then 7 years old and is not plated for the season yet the are doing a little hissy fit. So I have been working on the car about every day now. I have all the four wheel wells all completed. Patched up holes here and there. Tomorrow the floor will go in. I was going to do the floor about a week ago but ran into some technical issues. Welders are tricky beasts and they don’t like extension cords. Being on an extension causes voltage fluctuations and thus the unit does not operate as it should. But the cord is not long enough so I need to roll the car into the garage as much as possible and weld away in there.

I have also been digging away at finding out how to install my charcoal canister. Need my car to be as “environmentally” friendly as possible. I have some diagrams in my assembly line book however they were all pending blueprints for it’s installation back in the day. Funny enough I found how to install it via a Corvette message board.

So things are getting done and I am learning more and more. I would have liked to have done more cleaning from under the car and some nooks and crannies however I just do not have the tools at the time. I feel a bit annoyed that I can’t do all the things I want to do but what can you do. I can do more stuff as time goes on right. Once you get into all this stuff though you tend to let things carry you away so sometimes you have to kick yourself to focus on one thing at a time.

So when not doing that I finished our little stone patio here. Our table is installed and it’s about the same size as our kitchen table. So that’s pretty awesome. It feels good to finally sit outside and enjoy the weather every now and then. Unfortunately we still have no fence so it does not always feel so private but progress is progress right. And well we also did the lawn, havve a little hedge up on one side so yeah.

How is everyone doing?

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