The engine LIVES!!

The tiger is roaring again. Apparently all that needed to be adjusted was a screw on the carburator that allowed the car to idle. Not sure why is came loose but pretty happy it was a simple and cheap resolution to the problem. I took an exhaust pipe which had a hole into the garage as I wanted to test my MIG welder. I have the argon – carbon dioxide gas now which will provide a more steady weld bead. I was a bit discouraged at first as it was sputtering. I was worried about voltage, the gas, etc. Finally after adjusting the wire speed and temp settings I managed to find the right flow. So I patched the hole so will grind smooth tomorrow and voila. Will then do those elusive floors panels.

School is a bit slow but that is normal to start. It is still intimidating to a certain degree. New terms, new topics, exams, certs. Just need to take it easy and take it slow. But it’s still very cool.

4 thoughts on “The engine LIVES!!”

  1. the engine vibrates, screws loosen when they vibrate. it’s not supposed to happen but on the older machines in general it does happen from time to time. we had the same problem with our 80-something volvo.

    hey, i got a question for you mechanic types. if i put too much gas in my car, to the point where i’m forcing it into the tank 20 cents a shot, my car stalls on me.

    it’s partly because i’m a cheap bastard who hates stopping for gas.

    anyway, the car used to stall on my as if it wasn’t getting gas to the engine, you can actually feel the power drain away when driving it. we figured out that if i burn off a little bit of the gas everything works out ok but before that the car would actually stall on me when stopping at lights and signs.

    so i ask again, why would too much gas in an engine/tank cause problems for the car?

  2. To me it sounds like flooding. If you over fill the tank past the recommended limit, then maybe too much fuel is being injected or its simply messing with your fuel pump. Atleast while the car is driving everything is moving along, but once you idle at a stop sign or red light it can accumulate and bog you down.

    That could be why after burning off the excess you force into it, it would go back to operating normally. There is a reason why they say not to force more into your tank then it is willing to accept! 🙂

    I’m not an expert, but that’s the logical assumption i come too.

  3. Yeah for now I would have to go with Neil on this as a possible solution to your problem. I cannot say I have any more theories yet till I hit my engine course. My engine I have not had too many issues with all considering. They were typically quick fixes. Have to give it to those Chevy 350 engines, they are built like a tank.

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