When it rains…

Well fuck. Today was a very very off day. Started getting the car ready for the initial start up. All was looking good and I slid in the key. Cranked her up and the engine was having a hard time starting. While this is not an unfamiliar fact of older engines and long periods of non use it was still quite the annoyance. Finally on one turn as I though the engine was going to turn on…I had a caburator backfire which means my carburator caught fire. The fire cracked my fancy fuel line folder, some gas spilled and the fire spread. I managed to control everything and killed the fire however the damage was done. I had a vacuum hose toasted, some wiring got toasted and the battery cable which attached to the starter got toasted.

Suffice it to say I was and still am very upset on a few levels. I googled the situation as I was purely blaming me and telling myself I am horrible and a million other things but as I hear these things do occur to others of older vehicles as well. But still knowing it wasn’t a fault of my own still did not make me feel any better. You know when you just want to get thing done with but something always holds you back?

Well I went out and purchased new batter cables, new hose, new wiring covers and new fuel line filter. I managed to get most things installed so tomorrow will just be the new battery cables. Hopefully I will not discover other wiring toasted. In a sense it’s somewhat of a good thing that the wiring is being refreshed. On the downside is just expenses we don’t need right now.

All in all this is a lot of good experience headed my way. Not the way I wanted it obviously. The engine is a very intimidating beast when you get down to all the options. I guess it’s just a matter of getting used to how it all comes together. But yes my adventure continues.

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