Building things

Yesterday was back to shop work. It was very cool as we learned how to do flaring for brake lines. It was actually quite simple to do. You basically have three types, straight which is like a cone, double which is like the cone but edge are folded in on each other to make a double layer and finally there is a bubble flare which is mostly used by Chrysler. I was able to get everything on the first shot so was able to move on to other things.

And something really cool were doing is starting to build our own battery terminal puller. We basically were given schematics for the puller, then given long rods of metal and then we have to get hacksaw’s, filers, etc and cut everything to spec. It’s very cool to be actually building something from scratch. I have apparently a very good hacksaw technique. Got welding tonight so not sure if it will be MIG but worse off I help teach people for the exam.

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