Health, Safety and Hammers

Well school is pretty intense finally. We wrapped up our introductory course and got on to shop work. So now we will be starting to work with hand tools, power tools and more fun stuff. Apparently one of our projects will be to build our own puller for a gear or whatnot. Pretty nifty. We are also wrapping up our health and safety course tonight. It is not particularly interesting mind you however there are a few noteworthy bits. We will be taking a look at air conditioning this evening. We have to pass it so we can officially be able to work on them. We get a fancy license for it. Of course it only means you can do it at the garage.

We got our tool box also which has all the standard tools we will need. It gives a good idea of what I am missing. I have quite a bit already but there is still more needed and then there are more specialized tools. Thing is we basically need to buy everything for our toolboxs by the time we graduate as in any garage you need to bring your own tools.

Speaking of tools I went to grind clean my surface so I can weld the new floor in….when….my grinder started sparking and heating to the point of non touchable. So the grinder died. Not sure what caused it but maybe it overheated and shorted with this hot weather. I have no idea. At any rate I went and got another though this time lithium battery powered. It has an interchangeable battery that I can use on other select tools from mastercraft. So that is a cool feather. Though the battery was not included. So I went to the store. Wahoo…found the battery! Oh wait, they don’t come with a charger…Ok so had to do two canadian tire stores to get a battery and a charger. Really annoying but now I am equipped!

I am also pretty beat. Pretty much it’s run around all morning cleaning and preparing dinner and studying, then school, then when I come home some more studying and then bed. It’s a pretty hardcore schedule but I think it is very worthwhile.

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