As many do, I quite enjoy sandbox-style games. I had my eye on Minecraft awhile back, but never really could give it a try until now. Currently, the site (and therefore the authentication server for clients) is sort of borked by all the traffic from Penny Arcade, due to their Minecraft comic series they started last Friday. You can get the game client from the skeleton site here. It won’t come with sound or music, but you can rectify that by following the instructions here. Once the site’s back online, the game will no longer be free to play, but you can buy the game for £10, and you get it and all future updates (for life).

Also, if you’re having trouble figuring out how to get started with crafting and surviving, then either check out the Minecraft wiki article on crafting here or watch this great series of videos on YouTube here.

3 thoughts on “Minecraft”

  1. It’s not a browser game anymore (though you can play the old browser version for free on the site).

    I managed to get some time in before it ceased to be free to play. It’s kind of hard to describe, but I’ll try. It’s a game with no real goal, kind of like The Sims. The twist, of course, is that you need to survive, as once night falls, things become suddenly more dangerous. Furthermore, it’s got more of a focus on exploration and crafting. In that vein, it’s kind of like a Robinson Crusoe kind of game where you have to find all your resources and build all your tools.

    The game in it’s current state is very interesting and I haven’t been bored by it yet, but I could see how it could get boring, particularly if you don’t care to explore much, or don’t like building things, or are looking for an existing plotline.

    It also has strong potential for unique player experiences, much like Dwarf Fortress or Rogue, only it doesn’t have the unintelligible interface of the former, and it it encourages more creativity on the player’s part than the latter.

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