Now I am the Teacher!

Well the last two days have been welding. Getting practice done before our exam next week. We got our more appropriate metal yesterday so we started using it. I was so used to the thinner metal that I was having a tough time with the thicker metal. Kind of ironic. I was sufficiently discouraged by the end of today. So today was crunch time and it went insanely well. I pretty much had things down within the hour. One of the cool things I tried today was brazing. It consists of using a brass rod to melt over your joint which will then act as a glue of sorts. It’s pretty toxic so we needed to use our fans. This technique is not particularly used anymore. It was mostly used back in ye old days when you would get your radiator repaired in a radiator centric shop. We also started using the cutter torch and started cutting through metal. We even learned how to cut a bolt off if it ever becomes stuck and normally would not be able to be removed. The latter half of the class I spent helping teach people how to do brazing and a lap joint weld. So all in all I am very happy with the progress and much more happier with where things stand now.

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