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So friday was a busy evening at school. Basically I got a chance to check a bunch of things off my catch up list. Started out with measuring bolts. You would think that it would be easy but even though a bolt may be the same length it may have a different thread pattern. We have a special tool that measures the thread pattern.

Then I learned how to use another instrument called a feeler gauge to measure if there is a lot of play on a piston ring. Then we used a special wire that will measure your piston bearings play. Finally I took a bearing off a differential gear. So all in all it was a busy night. It was relieving to get a lot of this done as it was stressful a bit to have all these thing to catch up on. So now all that is really left is learning our hydraulic lifts, jacking a car (though I have done this at home so) and finally machining my own battery puller.

I got my b-day gift early from my parents. Canadian Tire had a special on a 100 piece air tool set. Rather then $300 it was $99. It’s a wicked cool set as it has an air ratchet, air hammer / chisel, zip gun, impact drill and tire inflation tool. Comes with a few little accessories as well. Was definitely worth it for what you get.

I am also getting more used to using micrometers and precision calipers which is good. Measuring is a big part of a lot of what we do and I barely ever measured anything. So now the only thing I really want to get down is welding. I checked out some videos on doing certain joints so hopefully I can get things mastered this week. We don’t have a lot of time and some of the materials we have are rather iffy.

The school itself is great and we have pretty decent equipment but we also are missing quite a bit as well. For instance for welding were using a much thinner metal then we should be using. So rather then learning on the appropriate metal we are learning on a much harder material to master. You could say it is kind of a good thing to work with more complicated materials however with the time constriction it’s a bit discouraging for many to have a lot more trouble then they should. Also we tend to miss books often. But all these issues are largely administrative.

Oh and totally non school related, check out the HBO tv series that just started tonight called Boardwalk Empire. It’s about prohibition and mob life in Atlantic City. Totally awesome show.

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