Sweet measuring

Measuring…measuring…measuring…You would think that measuring in itself would be simple. In mechanics though we have to use specialized measuring tools such as a precision caliper, depth rods and micrometers. I don’t think it would be so bad if we just had one system to learn however we need to do both metric and imperial systems. Obviously these days we have the tools all in digital but for the sake of school we are learning the hard way which is a good way to do things. I think the most complicated part is switching your thinking from one system to another.

Did more welding yesterday. Was mostly practicing the basics which I think I have down pretty good. I am now trying more advanced techniques like lap joints. Basically a piece of metal sits halfway on another and you have to merge them at the seam. It goes ‘ok’ if you clamp them together tight however if you let them loose then the lower metal plate sags from the heat and you can never really merge them. It’s all in technique they say so our job it to get that technique in a very short time. Our exam will basically be to do various joints and then to submit them to a break test. Basically we put them in a vice and take a hammer and pray it holds together. While most in the class are having difficulty with the basics and I am starting on more advanced things, I am putting a bit of pressure on myself. After two days of practical I am trying to ease off myself expectation wise. I did however burn two finger tips when I touched a recently torched piece. Suffice it to say it hurt big time but no bubble. Just a little well done and numb. Safety first!

So yes aside from that, my good store Canadian Tire has some wicked good specials on air tools and wrenches, etc so going to be shopping soon. Yay!!

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