Well now

So tonight was a bit odd. I left earlier in the afternoon as I needed a new passenger headlight as mine burnt out. Once done I headed to school as I usually do. Once I arrived at the lights near my school, I heard my name. Was totally wtf? So I looked and saw my teacher. He said the school was closed, go home since there was a bomb threat. Probably some angry little shit trying to inconvenience everyone. Totally annoying. Wastes our time, makes less time for others who need it.

So I went to my parents who had picked Lucas up. Marie joined us and had some good old pizza. Mmmmmm….

For those unaware, Netflix is finally available in Canada!!! I had downloaded it on the PS3 before leaving this afternoon but just trying it out this evening. It works very very well. No lag, no delays of any kind and I am streaming wireless. So far the initial selection is not as abundant as the US. I suppose it’s just a matter of obtaining the rights and whatnot. So far I have been catching up on Paranormal State episodes. There are some very oddball movies. Like a b movie called Monsturd. Yeah you can imagine what THAT one is about. I shit you not….ohhhhh I totally went there.

But yeah the selection is a bit odd but the service is just starting. The first month is free and then it is $7.99 a month after for unlimited movies. Definitely something to check out folks.

So yeah hopefully school is back on tomorrow. Felt kind of lost without it this evening lol

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