Another course down

So I passed welding. The exam itself was not difficult in scope however I landed up with a torch tip that was not very good so at two points it sputtered and blew a hole in the metal. I was able to patch it up however I know I could have done way better with a good torch tip. But that is the problem with school equipment. It’s used and abused, people don’t clean their torch tips. I was happy yesterday when a student thanked me for teaching him how to weld so he passed his exam. However 7 people out of 20 failed their exam. Time already to weed people out. It’s too bad. People just don’t take things seriously. You have guys who like to talk shit on how they know things and surprise, they fail. You have others that dick around and bail on class and surprise, they fail.

Now were wrapping up shop class. I am really enjoying the class however we don’t have a lot of time to get everything down. We missed a day of class to make up for welding when we had a school evacuation however were not getting a day to make up for our shop class and the scope is a lot larger. So sucks in a way but still pretty confident.

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