Busy bee

Well tomorrow is my shop exam. It’s much more varied compared to welding. We have a bunch of tools to know how to use at the drop of a dime as well as various tasks to perform. It’s been very interesting though. We have mainly been machining. So cutting blocks of metal with a hacksaw, drilling, taping the hole, threading a metal circular bar as a bolt. We also learned bolt extractions which is handy especially when fixing older cars like mine. Sometimes the bolt is just plain jammed so what to do. Now there is a few handy tools I can use to pierce a broken bolt and insert a bolt extractor and twist it out.

So yeah I am pretty excited overall about the course. I’m hoping the exam goes without a hitch. It may seem easy peasy when I talk about it but say exam time by slight mischance you fuck up a drill hole they will fail you on the spot and you have to retake the test later. It’s pretty fucking serious but it’s to impress the concept that when your working on cars, there is not room for error when lives can be potentially at stake whether it be a co-worker or client.

I brought my car in the garage this past week. It’s good to finally be able to work on it in the evenings or in any temperature. I yanked off the hood and the brackets that lift it. I have two spots on the hood that have paint bubbles and the brackets have chipped paint. Well to be honest the hole body needs a paint job. So yeah going piece by piece.

Aside from that I have started playing Fable 2 which is a very excellent game. I also picked up Fight Night Round 4 which I got at Maxi’s on liquidation since they are renovating. Was $10 which is sweet. And I have to admit that I have an addiction to boxing games. I find them quite fun. It’s fast paced, requires some strategy in training and in boxing. The controls are pretty tight though I find that sometimes the punch you want to do doesn’t always pull off so well when using the analogue but it’s a minor complaint though.

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