Car news and bla bla bla

Well it’s been awhile since I last talked about my car so here goes. I have not touched it too too much this past while. When arranging the garage, removing the stairs and school studying I was a bit discouraged from getting into it. Was a bit hard to get that motivation kick started. But things have started progressing again.

I yanked off the hood and the spring brackets that were attached. The hood itself was quite dirty on the underside and the paint was bubbling on the top in two places. So I am in the process of stripping the hood of paint. I also need to adjust the hole for the air induction. The guy before had cut the hole and installed a scoop however he cut the hole a bit off center where your air filter is. So he fancy edelbrock air filter chrome top got bent in one corner as it catched on the hole.

I cleaned the engine compartment and began painting it. It’s looking pretty hot and making the chrome pop out more. I still have some touch ups in some spots and then painting other areas around the engine. Once that’s done I am going to get my air induction installed. My book was never clear on how to install it. Through school though I discovered the quebec national library had a database of car repair information. I of course subscribed and managed to get some good information on installing it so at least I have things to go on now. But it’s all getting going. It’s just to attack things one at a time with what I have. The more that school goes along the more I think of different things to look at and improve if it’s worth it. In the end the car is going to get sold for a profit or I would take break even since I want to do other restorations.

I really enjoy restoring. There is something very satisfying about it. When i think about vintage cars I think of it as preserving something that deserves to be saved. Often we will see a tv show or movie or even see in person a car we are like wow, that is rare. I know I do and I think it would be cool if cars of today could be more like back then style wise. So if I can save a car or two from the scrapper then my job is worth it in the long run.

Speaking briefly of school, I aced my last two exams. My next course is kind of lame. It’s interpersonal relations which is a snoozer course but one of those things you just have to do. After that though we will be hitting engines which I am pretty excited about.

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