Why hello there! Hope everyone has been going good. Things have been pretty good here as well. Been focusing on school of course. We are at a pretty important module which is engines. It’s been going very well so far. We did a complete tear down, cleaned everything up and measured the fuck out of it. There are quite a few measurements to take. Finally we assembled the main engine block however the first time we had a bolt that is supposed to go through a gear into the crankshaft. However the bolt broke and pretty much your crankshaft is fucked. So we had to remove everything and install another one. Then we went to put the gear on and what do we discover. Someone from the previous class had put a bolt in that one. So two useless crankshafts. So we had to get yet another one. Suffice it to say we can install a new crank and assemble the oil pump in about 15 minutes which is really good. In fact even with the delay, me and my partner are ahead of the class. Last night we began working on the cylinder head and tonight we should be completely finished. It is a lot of fun to check everything once you get into it.

Been working on the camaro every now and then when I get the chance. Basically going over the engine cleaning it up as well as tearing it down. Going to make some improvements. My friend at school is getting rid of his Fiero. He was going to scrap it simply because it was old and he finds the body to be ugly. I find they are ok but I also know a deal when I see one. So I will most likely take it from him. I am going to throw on a body kits, tune up the engine, clean the interior and make some good cash off someone.

Aside from that we got the christmas decos up and been spending time with Marie and Lucas.